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My next newsletter is coming soon...

If you don't already subscribe to my newsletter, which I call RACHEL'S RETREAT, then you really should, for you are missing out on some great reading. I call it this, because I see it as a retreat from the problems of daily life, and can have an hour or so of entertainment and escape.

My next issue will be sent by email on March 25, just in time for the weekend. Hopefully, free from some of the pressures of the working week, you will find a little time to settle somewhere comfortable and enjoy what I have to offer. This is what is coming this time:

A FREE COPY of my book, NOTHING TO REGRET. For just two days of March 26 and 27, this book will be entirely free on Amazon.

You can read the blurb for this book on the main page of my website. Just scroll down for the blurb and an excerpt. This was the first of my self-published books, and was received with some lovely reviews. Here are a few.

Reviews of Nothing to Regret from Amazon

“This book has it all! Love. Friendship. A love triangle. Eroticism. Romance. Heartbreak. Art. Paris. Italy. And a twist you won't see coming!”

“It's clear that de Vine takes her time building her story-telling craft, settings, and characters until I found myself crying at the end. For sadness or joy or both, you will have to read to find out!”

“Rachel has done a fantastic job of telling the story of a young woman’s sexual awakening and coming of age in the middle of the twentieth century.”

DON'T DELAY - THEN YOU WON'T MISS OUT! ! age story featuring a young woman on a journey of self-discovery as she travels the world, finds love, and undergoes an erotic awakening in mid 20th century.”

FREE for TWO DAYS on Amazon March 26 and 27

Also in the newsletter:


No excerpt from this one - but you won't want to miss it.


some humour from children. They say such funny things, don't they?


A sensual poem from me


An anthology to help the people of Ukraine


news of a new release from the well-known author, Maggie Carpenter - CLAIMING CLEMENTINE

Knowing Maggie, this will be another hot and spicy story - not to be missed.

SO, IF ALL THE ABOVE SOUNDS LIKE YOUR CUP OF TEA (as we Brits say!! 😊) then all you need to do is click on this link to take you to Mailerlite, where you can sign up for my newsletter.



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