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Firstly, this is not me. I like to travel incognito and let my readers use their imaginations when it comes to my image. Then I can be who you want me to be.


I love writing erotic, mainly romantic stories, in my pen name of Rachel de Vine, because I like to think I am an erotic, romantic woman.  I like to explore the sensuality and sexuality in each of the characters who populate my books. I have also, in the past, written in the name of Juliette Banks, at the suggestion of my publishers. But I currently write most of my erotic romance as Rachel de Vine.

I have recently begun writing some non-erotic romance and general fiction, under a new pen name of Elizabeth Woolley. 


I write about love and lust, romance and spanking, and mild bdsm, in my erotic books, and love, romance and the general ups and downs of life, in my non-erotic books.


I adore foreign travel to exotic places and I hope I always will, but the Covid pandemic has sadly put an end to this for now.  I like vibrant colours, the beautiful British landscape, intelligent people, good food, good music, sunsets and good friends and family.  I am so lucky to be born when and where I was, with the freedoms that previous generations yearned for, and I hope I never take it for granted.   


I like to receive feedback about my books, and will accept constructive criticism.  Hateful criticism is just sad, and will be ignored.  Even some praise would be welcomed if you like what you read.

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