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The books that I publish as Rachel de Vine and Juliette Banks all come under the heading of erotic literature.  They contain some spanking and bdsm, and all have a romantic story to tell - because I am an old romantic at heart.  The books here are available from and and are not suitable for under 18 year olds.  Click the BUY IT buttons to take you to the Amazon page for each book.


Lizzie is a pretty, but quite simple village girl when circumstances lead her to the artist, Theo. She made a bad marriage to Lionel, a man who mistreated her, and who then threw her out when she refused to sell her body on the streets for him. Now she is trying to make her way alone.


Theo is the rebellious son of a Viscount, who left his privileged background to pursue his chosen career as an artist. His favourite subjects are pretty young women whom he paints in the nude. He is delighted, therefore, when the beautiful Lizzie knocks on his door one day and offers her services as a model.


It is only a matter of days before the mutual attraction ignites between them and they become lovers. Despite village gossip, they are happy. Until Lionel, hearing that his wife is now living with the artist, erupts in a jealous rage and snatches her back while Theo is away and unable to protect her.


Upon finding Lizzie gone, Theo sets off in hot pursuit, determined to find the model for whom his feelings are growing daily. He soon catches up with Lizzie and Lionel, but during the hot-headed rescue, things take a tricky turn with an unexpected consequence.


Lionel is dead.


Unwilling to be charged with murder, and possibly hanged, Theo and Lizzie flee to Italy, where they try to start a new life together. But the past has a way of catching up with everyone, and they are no exception.


Can the love between a son of a Viscount and an illiterate country girl survive after such a troubled start? And will they have to face justice for the murder of Lizzie’s husband?



At thirty-six, Harry has it all; plenty of money, a successful business, and a string of women with whom he can live out his sexually dominant fantasies. He doesn't want to be tied down, and he's certainly not looking for love.  But when he goes to his friend Jake's club one evening, everything changes.

Pascale is a young French beauty, whose sexy, smoky, haunting voice is completely at odds with her shy demeanour and terrible past.  Harry is spellbound, and determined to meet the new singer. Luckily, being the nightclub owner's best friend has its advantages, and he is permitted to go backstage.  Pascale is quiet and timid, the complete opposite of her on-stage persona, yet she allows Harry to enter her life - and before long, he finds out all about her deepest fears and desires, as well as what she's hiding from.  Soon, the two become inseparable, but Pascale is on the run, and when her past catches up with her and her life is in real and immediate danger, Harry is away on business.

At the same time, his best friend Jake is at risk of losing everything, and Harry is the only person he can turn to for help.

Can Harry reach Pascale before it's too late? Or will he lose the first woman he's ever loved, the only one he's ever really wanted to protect?


She drew back from me and slowly unzipped her dress and let it drop to the floor, and then stood motionless in front of me in a black lacy push-up bra, stockings and her shoes.  Her figure was perfection.  I wanted to take her soft, round breasts in my hands and squeeze them, but I was too afraid to make the move.  She took a step forward and lifted my T-shirt over my head to bare my upper torso, before bending her head and kissing me all over my chest, whilst I simply stood and allowed it.

She lifted her head and her face was just inches from my own.

“Why me?”

I wanted to know what it was that had led her to bring me to this place, when a woman like her could have almost any man she chose.

“Because you have such a sexy body, yet the face of an innocent.  It is the perfect combination.  Do you want to fuck me?”


The room was almost dark, with just flickers of light coming from the logs burning in the hearth.  I could just see his shape, sitting in the leather, wing-backed chair, silhouetted by the fire.

“Come here.”

His voice was quiet, but with the firmness I had come to expect from him.  I moved closer and knelt down in front of him, my naked bottom facing the warmth of the fire.  I bent my head downwards and looked at the floor as I had been taught, but he surprised me by lifting up my chin with his hand. 

“You look so beautiful.”

He bent and kissed me softly on the lips, and I shivered in anticipation.  Was it to be pleasure or pain this time?  Or perhaps a combination of both, given in the way that only he can.



She adjusted her body slightly, insofar as the rope that was tying her down would allow for movement, trying to ease the pain in her hips from being bent over the end of the bed. He often left her like this, trembling slightly in anticipation of what was to come, with the moisture between the lips of her sex the giveaway of the pleasure that she knew lay ahead. He knew that the anticipation for her was half the fun and he sat across the room watching her closely, judging every twitch and tremor for the sign that he should move in and end the torment for her. She could not see him because of the satin eye mask he made her wear, but she sensed his presence – so powerful and so masculine. He knew her body better than she did herself. To distract herself from the discomfort, she took her mind back to when they first met.










Adriana and Luca spent several of their childhood years together in Naples, Italy, but they were not related.  At the age of eight, Adriana had been rescued by Luca’s father after her mother had died, and for six years she lived happily with their family, hero-worshipping the handsome boy, who was two years her senior.  But one day, while swimming in the lake, Adriana and Luca both realised that the feelings they had for each other were not those of sister and brother.

But tragedy arose a few days later, however, when gangsters killed Luca’s parents, and relatives took him away, leaving a distressed fourteen-year-old girl to be fostered by another family.  Adriana became bitter and resentful, but a sympathetic teacher, who encouraged her to pass exams and aim for university, turned around her life. 

Meeting Naomi, the girl who would be her lifelong friend, led Adriana to live and work in New York where, in an event that seemed to her to be almost miraculous, she was reunited with Luca, ten years after they had parted.  But life was not destined to be simple for her.  She found that, not only was Luca involved in possibly illegal activity, he had developed a passion for a BDSM lifestyle and told a shy, sexually inexperienced, Adriana that he could not change the way he was, not even for her, and he refused to develop their relationship into anything other than friendship.  His decision almost broke Adriana’s heart, hearing that Luca did not want her in the way that she wanted him.

Taking matters into her own hands, Adriana went to the BDSM club that she knew that Luca frequented and discovered that the thought of being Luca’s sub and allowing him to spank her excited her in a way that she had not anticipated, and was able to break down Luca’s resistance.  But life continued to be cruel when Luca found that he was in danger from gangsters in Italy who had vowed to kill him, and cause his business empire to crumble.

Adriana and Luca had survived their early life traumas, but was this threat one that would prove fatal to them both?  Would fate for once be kind to them and allow them to be reunited once more?  This is a tale of passion and crime, love and despair, which could either bring them both great happiness, or end up in the death of them both.


Natasha, a Russian-born woman living in London, catches the eye of Viktor, a middle-aged Russian gangster. He wants her as his wife, the mother of his son, and his submissive partner in the kinky sex he enjoys at his isolated home near Saint Petersburg. But he doesn’t ask her to accompany him – he just takes what he wants.


Surprisingly, Natasha begins to accept her new life. Is she really a natural submissive, or has Viktor brainwashed her? Viktor is adamant that he will not have sex with her until they are married, but he shows her just how kinky he likes it by taking her to orgies held by his friend, and tells her that this is the type of life she can expect as his wife.


Everything turns sour, however, and on a visit to London, Natasha has to flee for her life – where businessman, James Miller, comes to her aid. Over the course of the next few days, Natasha tells James her story, and as horrified as he is, he cannot deny his attraction to the beautiful young woman. He vows to help her.


Neither of them realize quite how much danger they will be in for defying Viktor, but James is willing to risk everything to rescue her from this man. Can he do it? And does Natasha return his feelings?


Publisher’s Note: This fast-paced tale contains explicit themes including power exchange, capture, multiple sexual partners and discipline. If such material offends, please do not purchase.

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