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To celebrate the launch of my latest book, AND SO THE WORLD TURNS…, I have written a bonus sexy scene for your enjoyment.

Grigory was a man of few words; but the ones he used were powerful enough to send shivers down my spine. He could be funny; he could be serious; but it was when he was in a sexy mood that he had my full attention. His eyes bored holes into my soul.

“You are the sexiest prisoner in all the Russian jails under my control.”

I was reading a book when that statement was issued. I had just bathed, and was wearing my silk dressing gown. It might not have been purchased by him, but Olga, who had bought it had a clear understanding of his tastes. I wondered how many of Grigoriy’s lovers she had previously supplied with clothes; but I wasn’t going to ask. It was decorated with nude women, copies from Reubens’ art work. They had long, flowing hair, and were posed seductively. When I wore it in front of my Russian lover, I could guarantee that I would not be wearing it for long.

“So, you know this as fact, do you? Have you seen all the women in all the Russian jails?”

He smiled lazily, but wasn’t going to be provoked into giving away any of his secrets.

“I stopped looking when I saw you.”

“You say all the right things, Grigoriy. I have to respond by saying that I’m not so sure there aren’t sexier men than you in Russian jails, but then my experience was limited to the female jail in Leningrad. I didn’t have the privilege of taking my pick from such a huge number as you did.”

He laughed. “I love your boldness. I am the one man in Moscow who could send you right back to Kresty, yet you have no fear of me.”

“I have no fear, because I know that beneath that gruff exterior of yours, beats a passionate heart. And besides, you will never find anyone who pleases you so well in bed, I can guarantee that.”

His eyes sparkled, invitingly.

“So, you come with a guarantee, do you? Am I allowed a taste of what you have to offer?”

I dropped the book to the floor. I would go to him and show him what I have to offer. But I didn’t stand. I slithered to the ground, my loose satin gown fluttering around me. I began to crawl towards him. Let him think he is in the dominant position for now. I knew I could soon reduce him to panting need.

The gown hung open at the top, revealing my naked breasts, which moved from side to side as I crossed the room. My eyes never left his throughout the whole journey. His moved from my face, to my breasts, and back again. But his face gave nothing away. The expression was neutral. It was the faster breathing and the slight pinkness in his cheeks, that told me he was very aroused.

I wasn’t prepared to give in too easily, so stopped a few feet away from him and stood up, as gracefully as I could. I began to sway gently to the soft, background music. The satin gown began to flutter around me, as the sash became less tight. From time to time, Grigoriy caught a glance of my upper legs, and the apex of my thighs. Just a glance. Nothing too obvious or bold. This was to be a slow seduction.

“What kind of guarantee are you looking for? Because I think you are making your case very well. I am enjoying the taste of what you have to offer, very much.”

I continued to swirl to the music.

“I don’t require anything in writing; unless, of course, you want to write and sign a guarantee on my body—my naked flesh. That would be very satisfactory to me.”

He reached out his arm, but I was just slightly out of his reach. Would he stand and come to me? Or would he be patient, for me to reach him?

He was patient. He merely had that sexy laconic smile of his, but I could tell from his clothing that he might be becoming a little tight in the pants department. I could be patient too. I danced a little more energetically, causing the silk material to flutter out more than before. The Reuben ladies were now moving quite energetically. At times, the gown blew out to reveal my body from the waist down, as I twisted and turned.

“Damn you!”

He stood up, reached for me and using his strong arms, lifted me and put me over one shoulder. He had clearly reached the limit of his patience. He strode across the room, to the bedroom, where he dropped me on the bed.

Pulling the gown fully open, he looked down on me with lust-filled eyes.

“You will get your guarantee—that’s for sure. But I won’t be using a pen. I will write over you using my tongue. Don’t expect to come swiftly, however. You, my little Miss Tease, will have to wait until I am good and ready. Now, it is me who will do a little teasing.”

I smiled, triumphantly. Mission accomplished.

AND SO THE WORLD TURNS... is now available on Amazon

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