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The heart leads us to some unexpected places

Séraphine is born in 1960, the only daughter of wealthy parents, Alexis and Sabine Rousseau, in the South of France. She is an art student at the Sorbonne in Paris, at a time when Europe has rebuilt after the Second World War, and life is good for many. She believes her life is perfect. What can possibly come along to create doubts about who she really is? But life has a way of sneaking up and interrupting a peaceful and privileged existence, when least expected. She receives life-changing news that throws her mind into chaos, and nothing will ever be the same again.

Louis was born in Paris in 1956, the illegitimate son of Beatrice and Charles (English, but living in France.) His father, Charles, is dead, and he is brought up by Beatrice’s husband, Henri, in Paris. He is aware of his background–having been told at a young age–and accepted it completely. He has known Séraphine her entire life, but, meeting after a 5-year gap, he finds his interest in her has become something much more powerful; but will it survive the upheaval that Seraphine’s news causes?

Secrets kept can come back and bite you—as Séraphine finds to her great cost. Will they cost the budding relationship between her and Louis? How many other people end up paying the price too?

AND SO THE WORLD TURNS… is a follow-on book to NOTHING TO REGRET and SABINE, but can be read as a standalone book.

Families aren’t always what they seem

Excerpt 1


That evening I went to the door when Sabine and Séraphine arrived. I knew Sabine well, of course. She and mother had kept in close touch over the years—although her living on the Mediterranean coast, with us in Paris, meant it was often only once a year that it was possible to meet. Sabine looked beautiful, as always; a little exotic I often thought, as I gazed at her with my juvenile fantasy mind. She must be in her fifties now, but even though I was now a post grad, and just twenty-four, she was still a woman I could dream about in idle moments.

Standing next to her was a woman I knew; yet didn’t know. Séraphine had always been a pretty girl, but was now, I could see, a beautiful young woman. She had some of the exotic looks of her dark-haired mother, but was taller, with mid-brown glossy, long hair. I might have stood mesmerised; but Sabine took control and swept me into her arms.

“Louis, how wonderful to see you again—so grown up. Welcome back from England.”

Séraphine grinned at me, and after a short pause, gave me a hug too.

“Wow, Louis, it’s been so long. Five years. But you haven’t changed.”

I rather hoped I had changed; that I was no longer the gawky schoolboy, and was now a sophisticated man. Séraphine had definitely changed. She was stunning, and I was momentarily lost for words. Mother saved the day by coming from the kitchen to give both women a welcome hug. She gave me a cheeky smile, as if to say, you weren’t expecting that, were you? My mother knows me so well.

I rather wish I hadn’t been caught off guard. Séraphine must think I’m an idiot. I like to think I can be charming and funny in conversation with women—but I had been stunned with my reaction to a girl I had known since early childhood, but who was transformed into the sort of girl who sends a man’s head spinning. Time to take charge of my brain again, I thought.

She searches for herself; but at what cost?

Excerpt 2

“My friend, Olga, will be around in less than an hour, with some clothes for you. Why don’t you go to the bathroom and take a bath. It may not be a luxury bathroom, but will be considerably better than what you’ve become used to lately. There’s soap and shampoo on the shelf you can use. I’ll ask Olga to supply you with more feminine items I’m sure you’ll prefer. Although, don’t expect the types of products you’re used to in Paris.”

That was the first time he had indicated he might have been out of the country. But then, with his French being so good, it wouldn’t have been surprising if he had lived there for a while. I must ask him sometime. I headed for the bathroom, and he called after me.

“There’s a clean robe on the back of the door to save your blushes. I will consign your prison outfit to the rubbish bin.”

For a moment, a cheeky part of me wondered what he would do or say if I wandered back from the bathroom naked. But maybe now wasn’t the right time.

I had enjoyed a good long soak in the hot water, when he tapped on the door.

“Can I come in?”

“Of course. It’s your bathroom.”

He opened the door and paused for just a second. I made no attempt to cover myself. The time for pretence was nearly over. He walked to the bath, and sat on the roll-top, facing me.

“I just came to remind you that Olga will be coming shortly; although, seeing you now, I rather wish she would be late, to give us more time. But I’ll restrain myself for now.”

He smiled at me, and ran the back of his finger along my arm, causing me instant goosebumps, which he noticed immediately. He simply looked at me, with a sexy smile that promised much, before rising and leaving the bathroom.

I rose from the bath; towel-dried my hair and dried my body, before putting on the robe and walking out to the drawing room. He was sitting in an armchair, reading the paper, and sipping from a glass of what looked like whisky. I sat in the opposite armchair and leaned back; not caring much that the robe gaped open slightly; although I was still fairly decent.

“Are you testing me?”

His voice was deeper than usual, and he was undoubtedly aroused. I rather wished that Olga wasn’t coming tonight. I could wait for the clothes, but I wasn’t sure I could wait for whatever else might be on offer. I uncrossed my legs and pulled the robe close.

“I’m sorry.”

“Never apologise for being tantalisingly sexy. That’s what I like about you. One minute you have the appearance of a pretty, but innocent girl; and the next, you become a sex siren. That’s a very interesting combination, and one I particularly enjoy. But, as with a great banquet, I prefer to take my time in enjoying all that the feast has to offer. And talking about food, I’m hungry for that too. As soon as Olga has left, we can get something to eat. The housekeeper has left supplies in the fridge for us. I don’t often cook, but I’ll enjoy cooking a meal for you.”

A powerful and heart-rending love story


(Link above) The book will be published on March 31.


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