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Listen to me reading from my book SABINE

I have made a 14 minute recording of my book SABINE, and would love you to listen to it.

Finding herself alone again, after a passionate three-way romance, Sabine is overjoyed to make a fresh start in the South of France with a new job and a new man. It is 1961, and the post-war world is changing fast. Rich people begin flocking to the French Riviera in search of the good life. But criminals are also attracted to this new source of money. Russia is still a closed Communist state, but some are able to bribe their way in and out of the country for the rich pickings of the Mediterranean life. Sabine’s world comes crashing down, when she finds herself a pawn in a power game, and is taken hostage by a gang of Russian criminals. There begins the most tumultuous year of her life. A year packed with love and tragedy. This is a fast-paced, hot and steamy story, that will have you on the edge of your seat, as Sabine tries to overcome danger and heartache. Will she ever find her rainbow’s end?

Sabine is the follow-on book to Nothing to Regret, but can be read as a standalone.

How could she be attracted to the man who had kidnapped her?

This recording is from the time when Sabine is being held captive by a gang of Russian criminals on the Mediterranean coast of the South of France. It takes place in the early 1960s, and tells of the events leading up to her seduction by the enigmatic leader of the Russians, Gustav.

Listen to it here:

The book can be obtained on Amazon using this link:

Read some reviews:

Rachel de Vine is such an incredible weaver of tales. And Sabine is no exception! This is a page-turner for sure, and just when you think you know the direction the story will take, de Vine takes a sharp turn, and you're left rattled.

The thing about Sabine that takes my breath away is how author Rachel de Vine alternates between heated love scenes, and quieter, almost pastoral passages. She builds the tension in the story almost to the breaking point, then relieves it with every-day experiences. This is a remarkable novel and a great read. It's different, exciting, and well worth your time. It's so good, in fact, I immediately went back and bought the first book, Nothing To Regret, and read it through completely, as I should have done in the first place. Even though books are offered as stand-alones, it sometimes doesn't pay to listen to the author. Read the first book first.


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