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A bonus story for Out of the Darkness

A ‘bonus’ story for Out of The Darkness

By Juliette Banks (aka Rachel de Vine)

I loved teasing Marianne, and she, in turn, loved being teased by me. We had such fun at times. She made me feel young again, and our intimate games kept us both on our toes. Usually, in public, we behaved like any other couple in love; shopping for groceries and discussing whether we should have fish or chicken for dinner; chatting over dinner in a restaurant about the issues of the day. Banal events to some, but with a woman like Marianne in my life, everything was a joy.

She was one of the world’s top models; beautiful both inside and out. What’s more she was my sexual submissive in the lifestyle we choose to live together, far away from the crazy world we inhabit—modelling for her, and publishing for me. She responds to me in the privacy of our home in the way I had dreamed about for a long time, and never found before. Today, after a stressful meeting, I wanted a bit of fun.

I telephoned her at home, while being driven back home by my driver, through the heavy London traffic.

“I want you to meet me at the supermarket. Can you do that?”

“Yes, of course I can. Right now?”

“You have fifteen minutes to meet me inside the store. But I have some instructions. Wear that short, black, belted mac you have, and your red heels. Nothing more. Do you understand?”

I heard a short intake of breath, as she switched into submissive mode.

“Of course, Sir. Is that all?”

“Yes. That is all. Your fifteen minutes has already started. Every minute you are late will add to the spanking you’re going to get anyway.”

I switched off the phone without waiting for her response. I knew she would have a job to be there within fifteen minutes, walking along the pavement from our apartment in those heels. But the challenge was part of the fun, and I knew she would play along.

I asked the driver to drop me off at the store, instead of at home. He responded in his usual, pleasant manner. Whether he heard our conversation or not I didn’t care. He was always very discreet, and was grateful for the generous tip I gave him every Christmas, on top of the company salary.

I was already in the store when she arrived, slightly out of breath, and I looked purposefully at my watch. She was actually right on time, but I didn’t plan on making it easy for her.

“Hmm. Two minutes late. I must remember that.”

She knew better than to protest, and cast her eyes down, submissively. I had a trolley ready for her.

“You push the trolley. I will walk behind you.”

She took the trolley, but before she could walk away, I used my furled umbrella to lift the mac at the back; high enough to be sure that she was naked underneath, as instructed; not that I had any doubt she would not obey me.

“What do we want, Sir?”

“See those packets of pasta on the top shelf?”

I pointed with my umbrella.

“One packet will do.”

She reached up, and as she did so, her mac rose up and exposed an inch of her delightful bottom. Already I was aroused, and we had barely started.

“Don’t drop the food into the trolley. Place it carefully in there.”

Once again, she was forced to bend over the high side of the trolley, causing her mac to again rise up. When she stood, I noticed that her cheeks were a little red, and she glanced from side to side, to see if anyone was watching her. When she reached home, her other cheeks would be red too. She knows what the rules are of this game; she is to ignore everyone around her, except me.

As we walked around the store, I made her bend, straight-legged, of course, and reach up for goods. Sometimes I rejected them and made her return them to the same place. She often looked embarrassed, but I also saw the signs of sexual arousal in her. I knew her so well now.

I saw a jar of organic honey on the shelf and asked her to pass me a jar. Glancing quickly, I saw the aisle was empty and the store camera was facing in the other direction.

“Show me your breast.”

She hesitated for a second, and I made a mental note to add it to the list of infractions. But, obedient as ever, she pulled aside the front of the mac, exposing one of her delightful breasts—the ones I loved to suck from time to time.

“Yes, a spoonful of honey licked from your breasts would be a delightful dessert. I can think of another place where I plan to lick it from too. But, don’t worry, I won’t make you expose it in here.”

Even I had my limitations in terms of public behaviour. On the rare occasions we had been seen before, playing like this, a generous ‘tip’ was sufficient to cloud people’s memory. But if not, then I really cared little at this stage of my life. I was rich and powerful; owned my own publishing house; and cared little about my reputation. It wasn’t as though I was a politician, was it? I had no children to embarrass either. So, to hell with respectability.

As we left the store, I told Marianne to walk ahead, and I would carry the groceries. It was only a short walk to the apartment. Marianne was on those teetering heels, of course, and I had great delight in watching her pert little bottom undulating beneath the mac, as she tried hard to walk in the red shoes. Oh, I was so cruel. But I knew she loved it, and loved me. The only decision I had to make now was whether I could wait until after dinner to conclude our little game. I decided that dinner could definitely wait.

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