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A hot afternoon in Saigon

He lay on the bed, sprawled out under the ceiling fan, which did nothing to cool his sweaty body in the tropical heat. The gecko had stopped halfway up the wall, as though the effort for even him, a native of these parts, was simply too great. Eventually, he continued his slow walk up the wall towards the roof.

He heard her heels clicking along the tiled landing outside the room. Of course, it could have been anyone, but he thought he recognised the sound of those sexy red sandals she wore, making her hips undulate delightfully, and usually giving him a delicious view of her rear as it rubbed against the slim skirt she usually wore; a sight he would never tire of seeing. But today she was coming towards him, not walking away. It was Wednesday afternoon, and she always arrived at four p.m., shortly after finishing work as the secretary of one of local tourist companies that were springing up all over Vietnam, as the country threw off its harrowing past and embraced western tourism with enthusiasm.

The footsteps stopped outside the door, which he had left unlocked. The handle turned and the door opened. Linh paused in the doorway. Damn, this woman knows how to make an entrance. She was silhouetted against the light from outside, her shape accentuated by the tight-fitting silk dress she wore. He wondered how her boss ever managed to get any work done, with a body like that strutting around his office. Linh assured him that her boss was very respectful, and had never made a pass at her. He thought the man must have either good self-control, or he had something better waiting at home for him.

She smiled. A radiant smile that turned a pretty face into a stunning one. Damn, he was lucky to have met this girl. He smiled, but didn’t move from the bed, and watched as she sauntered towards him, kicking shut the door with her foot. She had a mischievous look on her face. She knew exactly the effect she was having on him. She was an expert he had long ago realised.

Stopping a couple of feet short of the bed, slightly out of his reach, she began to remove her tight dress, beneath which she wore only a brief pair of panties. With her small, neat breasts, she was in no need of support up there. The sandals remained in place. Seconds later, the dress lay pooled on the floor. She watched his face intently, as if looking for clues about his demeanour. She could read him perfectly—knew what he wanted before he did, practically. Slow, languorous, love-making? Fast and furious full on sex? A conversation first, perhaps? Or a bit of kinky play, maybe? She always came mentally prepared for anything. Glancing around the hotel room, she looked for clues. Had he brought anything with him? She spotted a piece of soft, white rope and a blindfold, on the top of the bureau.

Walking toward it, still wearing the very brief panties and the sandals, she picked up the items. She turned, and saw the gleam in his eyes. He wanted to play today, it seemed. But did he want to blindfold her? Or were the items intended for her to use? She would soon find out. Not a word had yet been spoken, but the hidden language was clear to them both. They had been together for over a year, and verbal instructions were no longer always necessary.

He was still clothed; wearing beige, loose chinos, and a casual, cotton shirt—common wear in the tropical climate. His feet were bare. She placed the items on the bed, and leaned over to unfasten the zip of his pants. Smoothly, with practised ease, she had them off, without him barely having to move. The shirt required a little more effort from him, but it was soon on the floor, with the pants. Lastly came his cotton briefs, now raised up by his obvious physical arousal.

Linh climbed on to the bed and began to fasten the rope to his wrists, and then around the brass bars at the top of the bed. He raised no objection, so she had been correct in her assumption that he wanted to be dominated for a change. His eyes were filled with lust, but soon disappeared beneath the black blindfold. He was hers now. A tremor of excitement ran through her body, and she wondered if he could sense it.

She straddled his body and her hands and mouth crossed his flesh, as she whispered in her fractured English.

“You mine tonight. I in control now. You like it?”

He nodded, but didn’t speak. Words seemed inadequate at that point, he thought. He liked to be in control usually, but sometimes there was a case for relinquishing it and seeing where Linh took him. She had a very seductive voice and manner, and he had no doubt that the session would end in supreme pleasure for them both.

She slithered her petite body down his chest, kissing him in unexpected places—the underside of his arm, for example, a place rarely visited. But he knew where she was headed, and he stiffened still further as her face drew close. He could feel her breaths on his groin. Her tongue licked the drops of sweat from his body. She was almost there. He nearly stopped breathing as he anticipated her taking him into her mouth. She had used her mouth many times before, and he knew she was skilled at giving him pleasure this way.

The lack of sight and the fact that he couldn’t use his hands to clutch her body as she pleasured him, made him shiver with a sexual frisson even greater than usual. The lack of senses – touch and sight, in this case, always made the remaining senses work harder. His breathing became more laboured, and he could sense goose bumps appearing on his forearms.

He caught his breath as she finally took him in her mouth.

“You like?” she spoke softly, as though there was any doubt.

“I like. I like very much,” was his gruff reply.

She attacked him with vigour, in the way he enjoyed; and once more he thanked his good fortune that had brought him to this town and to this woman. Later, when he had allowed her to bring him to fulfilment, she would remove the rope and blindfold, and he would resume his usual more dominant role, and take her forcefully, in the way he knew she loved. But for now, he was hers, and he liked that…but only for now.

If you like this short story, why not take a look at other short stories on my blog, or take a look at some of my books, featured elsewhere on my website? Thank you for visiting.


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