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Play Only For Me by R.B. O'Brien

The author, R.B. O'Brien, has written her first New Adult Romance book, called Play Only For Me, which is being published on April 26. I am excited to help her launch her book, because I have already read an advance copy and I know people are going to LOVE it. I did! Here's some details about the book.


Colton Masters:

I have no idea why I’m being so rude to her. She hasn’t done anything wrong to me. She seems nice actually, sweet. She’s attractive, that’s for sure, but she certainly isn’t trying to capitalize on it. A baggy sweatshirt and a pair of jeans? Maybe it’s the UGGS that piss me off. The screaming designer label on her sweatshirt. Maybe it’s the fact that I haven’t stopped fantasizing about what she might look underneath it.

Lauren Percy:

Why is he being so rude to me? He has a face that has that boy charm. Dimples, big brown eyes, sandy hair, clear skin. But as I travel to his chest, I can see this is no innocent boy. Through his white t-shirt that grips his biceps, I see the black ink of tattoos. Where I come from, I have never seen a tattoo up close and personal. His hands are calloused, his fingernails slightly bitten, and he has a slight scar on his collarbone, but it’s hard to see under the hemp choker he’s wearing. He’s sexy as hell.

Colton Masters: “You done staring, Princess?”

Lauren Percy: Damn it. Why I am so drawn to him?


Play Only For Me is a standalone New Adult Romance of two college music majors discovering themselves but ultimately discovering love. It will send you back all those years ago, to the first time you, yourself, fell in love…and prayed: He’d play, only for you.

Buy Links: (Kindle Unlimited)

Author Bio:

R.B. O’Brien has always been drawn to the more taboo side of storytelling, even as a young adult, from hiding books from strict Catholic parents as a teen to getting lost in the erotic sections of bookstores for hours.

She is best known for her three published erotic romances, Thorne, Edge of Torment and Imogen. But she is now forging a name for herself in the New Adult Romance category as well as poetry, her true passion, Ruin My Lipstick her first of many to come.

Much of O'Brien's work explores the darker, sensual nature of relationships, those riddled with the reality of insecurities and human folly, often exposing the vulnerability, emotional turmoil, and occasional pain that can come from losing oneself in the heat of passion and the obstacles of love.

O'Brien holds a degree in English literature and teaches for a living in the Northeast, USA. She is the founding member of The Nu Romantics, a poet, a professor, a writer, a dancer, and a hopeful romantic known for her poetry prompts on social media. O’Brien also has a profound affection for Shakespeare and beyond that, writes. Every chance she gets.

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My review for Play Only For Me

Remember those days of young love? The days when your heart sang if he looked straight at you in a crowded room, or how your heart dropped into your boots if he didn’t turn up when he said he would, and life suddenly lost its zing?

R B O’Brien has captured that time perfectly. Life and love were intense. As college students, Colton Masters and Lauren Percy are living the dream of many young people. Musical stardom beckons them, and both seem destined for success. But will their completely different backgrounds and experiences make a relationship impossible to maintain? Each had painful family memories in their past, which threaten to drive them apart.

Ms O’Brien’s dialogue dances on the page. It is so real and intense, as young love usually is. We follow the ups and downs of their relationship, and sigh when it seems as though their love is about to be consummated for the first time. The story gripped me right through to the end—and what an end. The whole book touched my emotions and made me yearn for that time when life was full of such bittersweet and romantic moments, which we don’t always realise at the time, but look back on with fond memories many years later.

An excellent read; enjoyed from beginning to end.

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