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A bonus short, erotic story about Sabine, told from Gustav's perspective

As a bonus to my new book, Sabine, here's their first sexual encounter, as told from Gustav's point of view. I hope you enjoy it.

When I heard that my men had kidnapped Alexis Dubois’ woman I wasn’t too pleased. It had been done on orders from above, and the last thing I wanted was a woman complicating my already stressful life in my current posting. It will give you a hold over him, they argued, and by the time I heard this, it was already a fait accompli.

When I saw her for the first time, I have to admit that she was a beautiful and desirable woman. Alexis was good-looking and wealthy. He was bound to attract a woman such as this one. But, in the meantime, I had the responsibility of keeping her locked up in our house in the woods. The dreary clothes my men had given her did her no justice, however. As I stared at her over my desktop, I visualised her in some sexy underwear, and my cock did a little dance beneath the desk. Could she be seduced, I wondered? It wasn’t my style to take a woman by force—never had, never would—but I had a little bet with myself that I could entice her into my bed while she was here.

She had spirit I could see. She stared back at me, resentment in her eyes, but guarding her speech for fear of antagonising me. That excited me. I liked a woman with spirit. I couldn’t bear the crying, whining type of woman. Her long, thick, dark hair was loose, and beneath the baggy clothes I could detect a trim waistline and nice ass. But there was something extra there, and I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. She excited me and I relished the challenge ahead.

When she refused to wear the dress that I had bought for her, I almost stood over her to force her to change, but I restrained myself. She could see my anger, however, and capitulated. When she came to dinner wearing it, she was transformed into a truly beautiful, desirable woman. But it was the red dress that was her undoing. I knew the colour would be striking on her, and it clung tightly to every curve of her body. I wanted to pick her up and take her straight to bed. She weakened. As I knew she would—eventually. They always do. So, I‘m a little arrogant. But I know how to entice a beautiful woman. I’ve had plenty of experience.

When I gave her the opportunity—a once-only opportunity—to decide yes or no, I knew in that look in her eyes that she had decided she wanted me. I pulled her towards my body and kissed her hard on the lips. After the weeks of watching her tantalising body, and being unable to partake, I was like a thirsty man in a desert. She pressed herself against me willingly. She was more than ready for me. I ran my hand down her back and over that luscious ass. Her breasts pressed against my chest, full and soft, like over-ripe peaches.

I grabbed her hand. Dinner was forgotten. It was time for bed. I wanted to rip the clothes from her, but restrained myself. I had waited this long; I could wait another few minutes to unwrap my prize. She stood with her back to me as I slowly unzipped the dress and let it drop to the floor. All she wore underneath was a pair of flimsy black panties and stockings. I would leave the stockings on, but the panties had to go. I peeled them down her legs and told her to step out of them.

“Get on the bed,” I told her, “On all fours. I want to take you from behind.”

This first time was to satisfy the raging lust that had been burning through my body these past weeks. No time for words of love. No time for kisses and tender touches. No, this time was for purely fucking—for both of us, if her attitude was anything to go by. She climbed on to the bed and upended that delicious ass towards me. I climbed on to the bed behind her, and extended my fingers to see how ready she was for me. She was dripping wet. There was no doubting her need. I released myself from my pants and plunged into her. Aaah! If I was a religious man I might have thanked the man above for making me appreciate the pleasure of such a beautiful and sensual woman in my bed. There are many experiences in life that are pleasurable, but none quite so uniquely so as this.

I don’t want to decry the women of my native Russia, but few of them measure up to a woman as exquisitely made as this beautiful French woman, who you feel was put on this earth to enjoy and be enjoyed. The Communists were fools. They sucked the youthful vigour and sensuality out of our women—made them work in mines and on building sites—until their girlish beauty became coarse and middle-aged before their time. Of course, I kept these thoughts to myself. It doesn’t pay, under a system such as we have in Russia, even now, in the 1960s, to speak such thoughts out loud. I would be deemed bourgeois and decadent by the party officials. Yet these same hypocrites made the most of the beautiful foreign women they met, on the rare occasions they left their native land. But I was glad to be bourgeois if it meant enjoying the pleasures of a beautiful French woman such as Sabine.

As I plunged into her, she pushed back against me, clearly wanting to take even more of me inside. I could hear her moaning softly as we built up the rhythm that couples who dance together regularly seem to develop. There was no music for us, but it wasn’t needed. We danced to our own tune, slow, then fast, moving together as though we had been practising for years. It’s wonderful when a man and woman share this instinctive feel for each other’s bodies.

I held her at the waist, her skin already hot and damp from our exertions. I looked down at her rounded hips, as perfect as the curves of the most beautiful musical string instrument that I was the fortunate musician having the opportunity to play. I laughed at the arrogance I, and many young men, had when we were but mere boys, and enjoying our first sexual experiences. Sure, we could out-perform our older selves, in terms of physical sustainability, but nothing, nothing, beats maturity and experience, in my opinion. If we are sensible, we learn from the women we meet over the years, who are always so much more mature sexually than men of any age. We learn what it is to satisfy a woman sexually, and in doing so, we make the experience so much richer for ourselves. I have been with many women, of different ages, and not always the most beautiful, and have had so much pleasure in discovering what satisfies a woman in bed. Sadly, some men never learn that lesson. More fool them, I say.

Our speed slowed a little. I could detect that she was reaching her crescendo. Her moans became deeper and longer. Her words no longer made sense. She was speaking the language of passion, which is international in its translation. No interpreter is needed for sounds such as this. The sound comes from the sexual core, supplied by nerves that originated in the middle of the brain. I, too, wanted to growl as a conquering predator, reduced to that most primitive of beings.

I felt her shudder slightly as she reached her peak and called out in her native French. The tremor passed through her body before I took my own pleasure. It was, as it often is, momentary but oh so sweet. If someone could bottle that feeling to give us extended orgasms, we would probably still be living in caves. For who would want to invent fire, or tools, when there was so much pleasure constantly awaiting us in the family cave?

She collapsed down on to the bed, and I followed, falling to her side, as we caught our breath and luxuriated in those final few seconds we had enjoyed. It was as though we had released the cork from a bottle of champagne, that had been yearning to be opened and enjoyed. I couldn’t remember making love to a woman with quite so much enjoyment and enthusiasm before. But the memory plays tricks. Maybe there had been other occasions. But they had now passed into the deep recesses of the brain with the arrival of this woman. I was determined from that moment to make her mine.


Buy Link for Sabine:

Finding herself alone again, after a passionate three-way romance, Sabine is overjoyed to make a fresh start in the South of France with a new job and a new man. It is 1961, and the post-war world is changing fast. Rich people begin flocking to the French Riviera in search of the good life. But criminals are also attracted to this new source of money. Russia is still a closed Communist state, but some are able to bribe their way in and out of the country for the rich pickings of the Mediterranean life. Sabine’s world comes crashing down, when she finds herself a pawn in a power game, and is taken hostage by a gang of Russian criminals. There begins the most tumultuous year of her life. A year packed with love and tragedy. This is a fast-paced, hot and steamy story, that will have you on the edge of your seat, as Sabine tries to overcome danger and heartache. Will she ever find her rainbow’s end?

Sabine is the follow-on book to Nothing to Regret, but can be read as a standalone.

However, you would enjoy Sabine much more (in the opinion of several readers), if you read Nothing to Regret first. For the present time, it is on sale at just 99c. So, here is the link if you would like to buy.

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