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Insomnia - a short story

Warning: 18+ readers only. This short story describes a rough sexual encounter, with not a trace of romance. You have been warned.

The story is based on a prompt from the writer, Lilah E Noir (whose work can be seen at I hope you will take a look at her writing. She threw it out as an idea for a book for anyone who wanted it. I decided to write it as a short story. I hope you approve, Lilah.


I woke for the second time tonight. Fuck, it was only two a.m. I knew I wouldn’t get back to sleep easily and swung my legs over the side of the bed. Feeling for my jeans, which were on the floor where I’d dropped them, I pulled them on, without bothering with underpants. I reached for my shirt, lying on the chair nearby.

It was a hot night, without a breath of fresh air coming through the open window. The light from the all-night café a few doors down sparkled in the puddles from the earlier rainfall. Might as well go get a coffee. I knew that sleep would elude me for a long time yet. Damned insomnia taunted me frequently.

I crossed the street and saw three people through the large café window, each sitting alone. She was there. The nurse. Why didn’t she want to go home after finishing her shift? She wasn’t that old—thirty I guessed—but she always looked tired, as though taking care of her patients had drained her. The other two were single men. One, a guy of around forty, was reading the paper, while the other, older man, just stared out of the window.

Joe sat behind the counter smoking a cigarette in contravention of the regulations forbidding smoking inside such establishments. He knew the chance of getting caught at this time of the night was slight, and the customers really didn’t care, it seemed.

“Hey, mate. Coffee?”

He was a man of few words. Despite the fact that I’d been coming into his café for two years he'd never bothered to ask my name. All his male customers were ‘mate’ and the females were addressed as ‘love’, in the jargon of this medium-sized Midlands town. He showed no interest in the lives of his customers. They came. They drank tea or coffee. Had the occasional bacon sandwich or burger. Then left, with little more than a few words passing between them. That suited me. I wasn’t one for deep conversations in the early hours of the morning.

I sat down with my coffee at the usual table, facing the nurse. I’d seen her there several times before when the damned insomnia hit me. We’d never spoken, but I’d studied her closely and once caught her looking at me just as intensely. She wasn’t especially attractive, but had an air of sensuality that triggered dirty thoughts in me. Perhaps it was the way her uniform strained across her large breasts? Or maybe it was the way her hips swelled out from a neat little waist? Whatever it was I enjoyed fantasising about her as we sat in the middle of the night in this slightly run-down and seedy cafe. The dark side of me got off on the idea of a hard fuck against a wall with a stranger. No conversation, no strings, just raw sex. Would it remain a fantasy, I wondered?

On this occasion she was half turned away from me, seemingly staring into space—interrupted only when she took a sip from her mug. She’d released the band that usually drew her hair back into a ponytail, so that her thick, brown locks cascaded down her back. As usual she was in uniform, a pale blue dress with buttons down the front, gathered in the middle by a black, elasticated belt and ornate buckle. The top few buttons had been unfastened and a bead of sweat was running down between the valley dividing her ample breasts.

The thought of those breasts made my cock stir beneath the table. She looked a little wanton tonight, and I imagined fucking her, hard, fast and rough, outside in the back yard. Perhaps she was a woman who liked to have her arse spanked before being fucked? My cock hardened a little more at the mental picture I had of her soft, white cheeks bared for me to tan until they were glowing pink. Fuck. Why was I tormenting myself like this?

She turned more towards me, as though aware of the filthy thoughts flashing through my brain. Our eyes met and locked together. Her expression was neutral, but the eyes told a different story. I detected a hint of lust. Perhaps she came to the café wanting to be picked up? Maybe she had secret fantasies of her own, but wasn’t brave enough to follow through on them?

I could see the swell of her breasts through the gape of her open uniform. They looked round and inviting. Waiting to be squeezed and massaged. I pictured her standing with her back to me, grinding her arse into my cock, so my arms could reach round and grab a handful of tit in each hand. Perhaps I could lift her uniform and come into her from the back, bending her at the waist to make my entry easier? God, my cock was throbbing now. Perhaps I should just go back to my place and jerk off on the bed?

She moved, leaning back a little more, her breasts straining against her uniform. Opening her mouth, the tip of her tongue moved across her lips, moistening them so that they glistened. My instincts regarding women were rarely wrong, and this one was panting for it I was certain. But I was cautious. I wanted a further positive sign from her that she was up for it before I made a move.

She must have read my mind, turning her body fully towards me. Her legs opened in what I took to be an invitation, but her uniform was tight and restricting, not allowing her to part them as much as I hoped, but still managed to reveal the tops of her black stockings. Raising my chin a little I indicated with my eyes towards the back door. Would she respond to the challenge? Looking me straight in the eye she nodded, almost imperceptively. But the signal was real and went straight to my cock.

I tilted my head to the side, indicating for her to go first. The toilets were out back and the others would assume that was where she was headed. I waited a minute—a long, frustrating minute—before heading towards the back door. I paid no heed to what Joe or the other two customers were doing. I really didn’t give a fuck what they were doing to be honest.

She was waiting in the shadows in the yard, barely visible, but giving off the scent of a woman wanting what I had to offer. Walking straight towards her I pressed her shoulders back against the brick wall. “You sure?” was the only conversation that passed between us. She nodded.

I undid a few more buttons at the top of her uniform until it was open to the waist. Reaching in I grasped her breasts, encased in a flimsy bra. I flipped down the front of the bra to expose them entirely, before bending down and sucking her nipples roughly. I heard a quiet groan come from her. I wondered how rough I could be before she objected.

Remembering my earlier fantasy, I turned her around. “Put your hands flat on the wall and bend from the waist.” She did as instructed. I pressed myself into her arse, grinding my cock against her, while grasping her tits and squeezing. I was in fantasyland. She pushed back into my crotch, her arse rubbing hard against my now rigid tool.

Releasing her breasts I unzipped my fly and freed the monster to let him go to work, slipping on a rubber before he did so. With one hand tightly around her waist, I pulled the uniform up, past the black stocking tops. As I hoped, she’d removed her panties and her glorious backside came into view, a little pale and fleshy, but quite firm. I squeezed each cheek hard and was rewarded with a groan. Drawing my hand back I swung it sharply against her arse to make a satisfying sound and her flesh quivered from the impact. She groaned even louder and made no attempt to stop me. Several more strokes followed, before my fingers burrowed between her legs and through her thick bush. Sure enough she was soaked down there. Eureka! It was time for my cock to do a little exploring of its own.

Moving her legs further apart with my foot, I pressed down on her back to indicate that I wanted her bent over more. I could wait no longer. My need was making my groin ache unbearably. Taking my cock in my hand I guided it into her warm, wet pussy, pausing briefly at her entrance before thrusting into her hard. I was sure her groan of pleasure could be heard inside the café.

Something made me look up. There, standing in the café ‘s back door, was Joe and the two customers—watching with pure lust on their faces. Joe even had his hand inside his trousers, pumping his dick. It seemed I was the cabaret for the night.

Nothing would have made me stop at this point, however. I continued to thrust hard into the woman, who pressed back against me with equal force. Again and again I rammed into her, reaching out with one hand to squeeze and pinch her breasts. Her pussy was tight but well lubricated, and the sensation as my cock passed back and forth was mind blowing.

I noticed she’d removed one hand from the wall and was now playing with her clit from the front. I hoped she could bring herself off before I reached the climax that was hurtling towards me like an express train. I normally liked to make sure any woman I was with got off before me. But tonight I was in no mood for charity. It was up to her if she made it before me—if not, too bad. Perhaps she would come back for another round?

Her groans became louder and more highly pitched, until I felt the shudder through her body that told me she had reached her destination. With one last thrust I rammed into her as hard as I could and shot my load with a deep groan. The relief was unbelievable. The sexual tension drained from me, and here I was, in the backyard of the café, in the middle of the night, my cock inside a stranger and with an audience of three. I turned to the watching men.

“Okay, guys, the show’s over. You can go now.”

Silently they turned and stepped back into the café, leaving the woman and me alone. I pulled out of her and used the arm around her waist to pull her upright. As she rearranged her clothes I zipped up.

“You okay?”

She nodded. “Yes, I’m fine. You feel like another coffee?”

“Yeah, sure.”

In the first and only tender touch of our encounter, I reached out my hand and brushed a lock of her hair that had fallen over her face.

Together we went back inside the café.

Picture: Shutterstock (NB The picture doesn't exactly match the story, but was the closest I could find from my picture file.)

Please leave a comment, if you feel inclined. Also take a look at my other short stories, and my books.

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