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A sexy excerpt from one of my books

As some of you know, I haven't been in the best of health lately, so I haven't written as much as usual. So instead I thought I would let you read a hot and sexy extract from one of my earlier books, That Day at the Lake. I hope you enjoy it.

Subconsciously I had wanted to fuck this woman ever since I was sixteen and she was jailbait, at the lake at my parent's home. When she turned up again after all those years I knew that my lust for Adriana was still there. Except that now I was a man, my lust came wrapped up in all sorts of kinky practices that had become part of my life. It had been very painful and difficult to walk away from her and not drag her into the life I now lived. Tonight, though, seeing her in Caesars, I knew that I had just lost the struggle.

Seeing her dancing, dressed in that corset and stockings, I knew that I wanted her more than anyone I have ever known, and I wasn't sure if I could walk away again. When she had dived for me in the back of my car I was lost.

When we arrived back at my apartment, and she took off her coat, I thought again how amazing she looked. Now she didn't even have the protection—albeit miniscule—of a pair of panties, given that I had ripped them from her, my cock hardened again.

She smiled at me. "I hope you're not going to make me go home in the morning dressed like this. That really would be a walk of shame."

I leaned against the back of the couch, my arms crossed, slowly taking in the view before me. "You know, you really deserve a thorough spanking for going out dressed like that."

"Well then you had better give me one. Spank me, Luca."

My quiet little Adriana seemed to have turned into a Jezebel overnight. My pulse quickened and I did not need any further encouragement. "Come here."

I drew her across my lap, and sat for a moment, looking at her delicious bottom. It seemed damned near perfect to me. I drew the palm of my hand across it and felt its warmth and softness.

"So, is this your first ever spanking, Adriana?" "Yes, it is." "Well then, we had better make it count so you won't forget it."

I raised my arm and brought my hand down sharply on her right cheek. She gasped

slightly and I felt her tremble. We had not discussed safe words, but I was confident that I would know when she had reached her limit, and I had no plans to reach that at this session anyway, because I wanted to fuck her again too much.I spanked her again. This time on her left cheek, extracting another groan from her. I stepped up the pace and spanked several times in quick succession, my cock hardening with each one.

"So, Miss Lombardi, you are not going to go out looking like this again, are you? Not unless you are with me, that is."

"No Sir, I promise. Ugh!" She groaned yet again as my palm hit her bottom for the sixth time. "That's good, or else your ass will be permanently red and you won't be able to sit down

at work for days."

I paused after the eighth spank and ran my palm over her reddening cheeks. "You have a lovely backside. I think I'm going to have to spank you quite often to keep

you in check, and I'm looking forward to doing just that." I made it to at least twenty, before I knew that if I didn't fuck her soon I was going to

embarrass myself by coming in my pants.

I stood up, pushing Adriana up while doing so. Then I grabbed her hand and walked

briskly towards the bedroom, with her tottering along behind me in those ridiculously high heels. "Come." I told her. We reached my bed. "Take off your shoes, but leave everything else

on. Then get on the bed on your hands and knees. Stay there and keep quiet until I am ready." She did immediately as I asked and I kicked off my shoes and pulled off my socks,

watching her intently all the time. "Open your legs a little more. I want to see all of you," I said.

I dropped my trousers onto the floor and began unfastening the buttons on my shirt, very

slowly and deliberately, to increase the anticipation for us both. Finally, I was naked. I stood at the end of the bed looking at her; her soft, womanly curves, her smooth skin, her tousled come- to-bed hair, the way her chest rose and fell, with the breaths coming a little faster than usual.

"Adriana, you look amazing."

Grabbing a condom and quickly putting it in place, I climbed onto the bed on my knees and came up behind her pink bottom. I reached down between her thighs, where her glistening cunt was waiting for me, and slipped a finger into her slit.

"You're soaking. I can see that spanking agrees with you."

I pushed a second finger inside her, and heard her groan, before finding her clit with my other hand and beginning to massage it.

She was starting to lose control. "Luca, I—" "Yes? What do you want? You can tell me." "Please... please fuck me." "Well as you asked me so nicely..."

I did not waste any more time. I plunged my rock-solid cock inside her, and she was more than ready for me. She gasped.

"You like that, baby?" "Yes! It's, it's..." "What's the matter, Adriana, lost the power of speech?"

All she was capable of saying was "Oh," over and over again, each time I slammed back into her.

I reached around her and again found her clit with my finger, and she began to moan in the way that a woman does when her sexual need has reached her core, when she is no longer in control of her body and mind, and her need for sexual satisfaction has reached a primitive level. She came with a loud groan and called out my name in a voice that was hoarse with uncontrollable desire.

I could hold on no longer and came with force, pulsing away until I was completely spent and could dispose of the condom in the bin and collapse exhausted on to the bed, pulling Adriana after me so that we were lying spooned, her bottom resting against my rapidly softening cock.

We lay there for a couple of minutes, glorying in the euphoria of mind-blowing sex, before I realised that she was still in her corset, which was probably not very comfortable. I reached over and began unfastening the hooks.

"Let's get you out of this. I think it has achieved its purpose."

I stripped her of the corset and the stockings before covering us both with the quilt. Almost instantly, I fell asleep, with her warm little body pressed tightly against mine.

I woke to find the sun streaming through the bedroom window. Glancing down, I saw that Adriana was awake, lying on her back and looking up at me.

"Good morning," I said. "Do you want to talk?" "No, I just want to fuck. Oh, good morning, by the way." "For a prospective sub you are becoming a little demanding." "Sorry, am I not supposed to want sex?" "There's absolutely nothing wrong with you wanting sex, in fact it is a condition of you

being here in bed with me. It's just that a good little girl waits to be asked." "Sorry. Then of course I will withdraw that demand and lie here to await your pleasure." "Good, a fast learner, that's what I like. Turn over and let me see your bottom." She turned to face the other way and I ran my hand over her beautiful and desirable ass,

which bore no traces of pink from the night before. I leaned forward and kissed her in the middle of her right cheek.

"What a superb bottom you have. Has anyone ever told you?" "No, I can't say they have." "Good, so I am a first there also. It's so luscious that I almost want to sink my teeth into it

to see if it as juicy as a peach."

I hope you have enjoyed this extract of That Day at the Lake. If you want to read more of this book, it's available at:

Here are a couple of reviews I received for the book:

This is a action packed fast pace romance filled story with lots of Hot sexy scenes through out the whole book The Hero is a strong Alpha male The heroine is strong feisty and sweet The plot is well written and keeps you turning the pages to see what will happen next The story will take you on their journey with ups and downs keeping you on the edge of your seat as if you where there with them This is a Must read

I was given this exceptional read by the author during a promotion. I was hooked by the first chapter! Done in the first person narrative, it felt as though I was actually experiencing Luca and Adriana's emotions. Luca's quest in life took a different path, and it seems not for the better. This action-packed page-turner begins in Naples. It's filled with suspense and secrets. The steamy explicit sex scenes were excitingly well done, and I loved the unique plot. Not one to give out spoilers, I will end here with giving author Rachel de Vine 5 out of 5 stars!

I hope that you too read and enjoy this fast-paced love story/thriller.

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