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The Russian Bride by Juliette Banks

I am so excited to announce the arrival of my new book, The Russian Bride, which is being published in my other writing name of Juliette Banks. I hope you like my gorgeous cover picture above, produced by the talented art department of Blushing Books, my publishers.

Let me tell you what the book is about: (18+ aged readers only, please)

Natasha, a Russian-born woman living in London, catches the eye of Viktor, a middle-aged Russian gangster. He wants her as his wife, the mother of his son, and his submissive partner in the kinky sex he enjoys at his isolated home near Saint Petersburg. But he doesn’t ask her to accompany him – he just takes what he wants.

Surprisingly, Natasha begins to accept her new life. Is she really a natural submissive, or has Viktor brainwashed her? Viktor is adamant that he will not have sex with her until they are married, but he shows her just how kinky he likes it by taking her to orgies held by his friend, and tells her that this is the type of life she can expect as his wife.

Everything turns sour, however, and on a visit to London, Natasha has to flee for her life – where businessman, James Miller, comes to her aid. Over the course of the next few days, Natasha tells James her story, and as horrified as he is, he cannot deny his attraction to the beautiful young woman. He vows to help her.

Neither of them realize quite how much danger they will be in for defying Viktor, but James is willing to risk everything to rescue her from this man. Can he do it? And does Natasha return his feelings?

Publisher’s Note: This fast-paced tale contains explicit themes including power exchange, capture, multiple sexual partners and discipline. If such material offends, please do not purchase.

Buy Links:

Amazon US

Amazon UK

Amazon Canada

Amazon Australia

As you can see above, this book is a little darker than my previous ones, so I have rated the excerpts by cinema classifications so that you are aware of what to expect.

Excerpt 1 (Rated PG)

Natasha arrived home from school on that fateful day not knowing that her life was about to change forever. She was a happy girl of almost eighteen; good at her schoolwork and with a few close friends at the school she attended just a short walk from her parents’ home in Saint John’s Wood. Well, actually, Boris was not her father but her stepfather. Her own father had been killed when she was just a year old, her mother had told her, and when Natasha asked what had happened to him, her mother just said that it was a car accident and then changed the subject.

Boris was a surly, taciturn man, who largely ignored the pretty little daughter of his mistress. As far as Natasha was concerned, he was married to her mother, but he and Galina, Natasha’s mother, knew differently. She had been his mistress in Saint Petersburg, Russia, where they had lived previously, and when he had to go on the run to get away from his ‘trouble,’ he thought that travelling with a woman and small child would make him seem more respectable. They managed to get visas to reside in the UK and life settled into a relatively peaceful existence in a quiet, almost suburban area in north London.

Natasha pushed open the front door of the house, and immediately sensed that something was wrong. She called out to her mother that she was home, as she normally did. Her mother’s reply, when it came, was a little tremulous, and not her normal cheerful tone.

“We’re in here, Natasha.”

She pushed open the door of the living room, and a feeling of dread came over her when she saw her mother cowering on the sofa, and Boris sitting in the chair with blood running from a wound on his forehead. In front of them stood three burly men, two in black leather jackets, and the third in a smart, dark grey suit. The first two were holding guns, which were pointed directly at Boris.

Natasha’s first instinct was to run, but one of the men anticipated that, and moved swiftly to shut the door behind her. He grabbed her arm and flung her towards her mother on the sofa, where Galina tried to calm her child.

“It’s alright, milaya, no need to be frightened.” Galina hadn’t called her daughter by this term of endearment since she was small, and it frightened Natasha even more. “These men have come to see your dad. Viktor is a business associate of his.” She always referred to Boris as Natasha’s dad, even though he was simply a man who lived in the same house as her, as far as he was concerned.

The man Galina called Viktor stared hard at Natasha, making her feel very uncomfortable. “Your daughter is very pretty.”His eyes moved up and down from her feet to the top of her head, and her flesh crawled, but she didn’t know why. Galina clutched her daughter to her tightly, as though she knew the purpose of Viktor’s hard stare.

“You can have her. If you let me go, you can take her with you, and her mother too. Take them both,” Boris said.

Natasha recoiled with shock at what she was hearing, and her mother opened her mouth and gasped. Viktor actually smiled for the first time; a cruel, evil smile.

“Well, well, Boris. So you are willing to hand over your wife and child in return for your own skin, are you?”

“She’s not my daughter, and Galina is not my wife. Take them both. I’m sick of having them around me.”

James not only saved her life the day he rescued her from sleeping rough, but he also saved her soul.

Excerpt 2 (Rated PG)

She looked stunning, with the sun reflecting a few streaks of blonde in her light brown hair, and her broad smile made her look simply amazing. James, being a very wealthy and good-looking man, was never short of attractive dates, but Natasha was simply beautiful, and he had to admit to himself that being in the presence of this mysterious young woman boosted his libido hugely. So far he had restrained himself, telling himself that he must not take advantage of a woman in so fragile a state as Natasha seemed to be, but it was becoming increasingly difficult to maintain his composure, especially looking as good as she did now.

He reached out and touched her hand, noting that, although she looked a little panicked at his movement, she made no attempt to withdraw it.

“You look lovely in the dress.”She smiled a little hesitantly and looked puzzled. “Has no one ever told you how beautiful you are?”

“No, I... well, I...”

She seemed lost for words. He wondered if the mysterious ‘he’ of whom she had spoken earlier was a man who was not given to express such feelings towards her.

Suddenly, with no warning, Natasha’s face registered sheer panic and she rose out of her chair, as though about to take flight. James couldn’t understand how anything he had said might cause such a reaction and he held more tightly onto her hand, to prevent her running away from the table.

“Natasha, what’s the matter?”

She didn’t need to explain, for at that moment, a large man loomed next to them. James looked up to see a stern-faced man of about fifty, elegantly dressed in a tailored three-piece suit, and with a neat grey moustache and short, trimmed beard. His chiselled face was set as hard as granite and his dark eyes seemed to James to be the eyes of evil.

Natasha, half standing and with her hand still in James’s firm grasp, was shaking like a leaf. James had never seen such an expression of terror on anyone’s face before, other than at the cinema.

The large man spoke at last, his accent coming over as possibly Russian or Ukrainian to James’s ear. Not that James claimed to be an expert on accents, but there had been a big increase in the population of Russian and Eastern European people in London over the previous few years, and such dialects were becoming more common.

“So there you are, my little runaway,” the stranger said.James felt compelled to speak at this point. “Can we help you? What do you want?”The man laughed briefly, but it was not a sound that indicated joy or pleasure. It seemed much too sinister for that. “I don’t believe that you can help me at all, sir. But this woman most certainly can. She belongs to me and I lost her for a while, but it seems that I have now found her.”

He leaned over and spoke quietly to Natasha, who had now sunk back on to her chair.

“You will come with me now, immediately, or the consequences will be even more severe than they are already.”

Both the words, and the tone of his voice, were menacing, and James had a good idea of the consequences to which the man referred. He had to act, and act now, to get Natasha away from this man as quickly as possible, and back to a place of safety.

Her wedding dress was demure, but underneath she had a bare, spanked bottom.

Excerpt 3 (Rated R)

In the main room there were already a large group of men with their slaves or submissives, as before. The women were in various outfits, but none was dressed as Natasha was. She caught several inquisitive looks, and one man smiled and winked at her. She decided that she had better not respond to him and risk making Viktor angry.

He led her by the hand as they went to sit on one of the chairs; or at least, Viktor sat on the chair, and she knelt alongside. There were several displays taking place in front of them, involving a woman being fucked by two men, and another woman being spanked by her Master’s friend, while sucking off a second man. Meanwhile, waiters were winding their way between the various displays, making the whole scene to Natasha seem positively surreal. The women all seemed to be willing victims. There was no sign of any coercion that she could see.

Viktor bent and whispered in her ear. “Now is the time for our little display, my dear. There’s no need to worry about it, though.” As if to reassure her, he put his hand under her frock and stroked her bare flank. He spoke out to the men present.

“Gentlemen, allow me to introduce you to Natasha, my future wife. She is a virgin, and will remain so until we are married. But I wish her to learn about our delightfully wicked ways, so I would like to request that my friend, Grigory, assist me in presenting her to you. She is not to be touched by anyone else here, gentlemen, if you would be so kind as to respect my wishes.”

Grigory came alongside them both and indicated to Natasha that she should place herself over Viktor’s lap, which she did, without any hesitation. Already, before either of the men had laid a hand on her, she was excited and could feel the dampness between her thighs. Grigory took the bottom hem of her dress and brought it up and over her body so that her bottom was exposed to the waiting men, all of whom had stopped what they were doing and had turned in their direction.

Viktor began to spank her with his hand, slapping her rump hard, one cheek at a time. The room became silent, except for the sound of his hand striking her cheeks. Natasha began to pant a little, as she responded to the stimulation of the spanking. She pushed her bottom out more, as though asking for him to continue.

“Ah, your little Natasha is eager to feel the pain that leads to pleasure. She is going to make you a wonderful wife and submissive, Viktor, when she has been fully trained.”

For the really hot scenes, you will have to buy the book, I'm afraid!

Grigory’s special parties involved far more than champagne and canapés.

I hope I've whetted your appetite for my new book, and that if you purchase it that you will enjoy reading it.

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