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To the Stars and Back - Erotic fiction

He looked down at the woman sleeping beside him. Knees drawn up, arms tucked around her body, she lay almost in a foetal position, as though trying to protect herself from something. She must be dreaming, he thought, as she whimpered lightly in her sleep. Perhaps she was recalling the events of the previous evening. But were the whimpers from the echo of the pleasure or the pain? He smiled, reliving the memory of her moans and the way she had arched her back and begged him for more as he had tormented her with his tongue. For a few seconds the fleeting memories renewed the pleasure in his groin, before his thoughts once more returned to the present and to the woman at his side.

She’s so beautiful; she almost takes my breath away.

She had thrown off the sheet, the only bedcovering on this hot, steamy night, her naked body reflecting the light from the moon, hanging full and ripe in the night sky. Her body was slight, but curved in all the right places, with breasts that were just the right size for him to take one completely in each hand, squeezing in the way that he tested the ripeness of the fruit he bought at the market. Full of desire, he let his eyes slide over her velvet-smooth skin, unblemished except for the faint markings he had left on her breasts and wrists; markings like a signature that reminded him that he was hers.

He could take her now in her sleep, awakening her with his stiff cock that was already twitching at the thought, but decided to wait. Let her sleep a little longer. They had played hard the night before and he knew that he had exhausted her with his unquenchable need for her body. He must try and pace himself, he thought wryly, even as he knew that there was something about her expressive eyes, her slow, gentle smile and her alluring body that made it almost impossible to resist the primitive urge that welled up from deep within him. That urge made him want to take her, to possess her, to tease her, to control her, to show her the beauty in the pain that he inflicted and the joy and pleasure that followed as they reached the top of the mountain together, leaping off to soar into that place in the universe where great stars collide and explode.

She stirred slightly, and turned towards him, murmuring a few, indistinguishable words, before stretching out her legs, and flinging one arm out towards him, as though she was reaching for his body. But he was just out of reach, and her breathing settled back into the slow, calm breaths of her slumber. His arms being longer, however, meant that she was in reach if he chose to stretch them out and play with that sweet little pussy of hers.

When they were playing and his sexual needs became hard and primeval, he would use harsher language, telling her to open her legs so that he could see her cunt. Or rather, his cunt, for he was forever telling her that it was his to use or abuse as he wished. And she granted him that permission to make use of her body in any way he desired. But now, when he was merely contemplating making love to her, it reverted back to being her pussy again.

Sometimes, when she was feeling a little insecure, she would look up at him and ask, her voice so soft:

“Do you love me?”

And his reply was always:

“To the stars and back my darling.”

And he did. He could no longer conceive of her not being in his life, and in his bed, and at his feet when he so commanded. There were times when he had taken her to the limit, but he was careful to never go past that point. Her submission was freely given and he would never abuse her trust.

He knew, from the first moment they met that they were destined for each other. Yes, she was beautiful, but then many women are beautiful. It was something else that appealed and sent a shiver straight to his core. This was the woman he had been waiting for. So closely were they attuned, they could communicate now with a simple glance.

The familiar stirrings in his groin were becoming more difficult to resist. Perhaps he should wake her gently by licking her pussy and using his tongue to softly tease her clit, until her need was as great as his. He hoped she wasn’t too sore from the night before. Perhaps it would be better if he let her suck his cock instead. The thought of her delicate tongue running the length of his solid erection, from his balls to the tip, and her soft, luscious lips placed around his circumference and drawing it into her mouth and down her throat, was a tantalising prospect he could resist no longer.

He moved closer and gently rolled her on to her back, parting her legs so that he could lie between them and bury his face in her pussy. She stirred, and placed her hands on the back of his head, stroking his hair as his tongue began its exploration.

They did not speak. There was no need for words. But if she were to ask, “Do you love me?” his answer would forever be:

“To the stars and back my darling.”

To the stars and back.

Some of you will have read a version of this story before. I have been working with the developmental Editor and writer, Adrea Kore, to improve my writing skills, and I am sure you will agree, she has helped me enormously. I would love to hear your feedback on this below, so please feel free to add your comments.

Adrea can be contacted via her website

Picture: Shutterstock

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