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The Hotel Room - a short, erotic story

He tied her wrists behind her back with the belt from the bathrobe that he had been wearing when she arrived, and which was still warm from the contact with his body. Next, the yellow silk tie, recently discarded from around his neck, was bound around her head, removing all sight from her eyes. He stood behind her and whispered softly into her ear.

“Now you cannot see me or touch me with your hands. But I want you to find me and touch me with your lips and your tongue and show me how much you want me.”

With that he kissed her gently on the earlobe, which made her shiver throughout the length of her body, and turned her around several times so that she was a little giddy and completely disorientated, before placing ear plugs in each of her ears, thus reducing her hearing to a muffled sound, and stepped silently away from her.

Her sense of smell was her one remaining sense, and she sniffed the air, trying to detect the faint perfume of her lover’s aftershave. Her bare feet sought out any tiny vibrations that might be transmitted through the floor as her lover moved around. But he was clever. He had probably showered since arriving at the hotel, for she could not detect the smell with which she was familiar, and she could detect no vibrations through the thick carpet. She had no clues and she must begin to seek him out before he became impatient.

She tilted her head to one side, straining to listen with what little of her hearing she had remaining, but all was silent, so she began to inch forward slowly until she felt the edge of the bed against her thighs. Without the use of her arms, and unable to see, she felt vulnerable and slightly afraid, but she trusted him to keep her safe.

She climbed clumsily on to the bed and immediately lost her balance, toppling forwards on to her stomach. She could not feel him, but she sensed that he was also on the bed. How could she get back on to her knees, without the use of her arms? She shuffled her body clumsily back the way she had come, aware that she was being closely scrutinised, and again found the edge of the bed. Dropping her legs back on to the floor, she was able to stand upright, and this time, when she again knelt on to the bed, she was more careful and this time did not topple. By spreading her knees apart to help with the balance and leaning back on to her calves she felt more stable. She knew that he would be watching her intently and was probably amused by her struggle to stay upright, and that feeling of being watched caused goose bumps to appear on her skin. Whenever he was with her he was always accompanied by a slight scent of danger, and as it enveloped her it both excited her and made her nervous.

Moving one leg forward she felt her limb contact his body, but which part? Her instructions were that she could only use her lips and her tongue on him, so she lowered her mouth until it came into contact with his warm flesh and ran her lips along his skin, occasionally darting out her tongue to feel his slightly salty, but smooth and hairless skin. It could not be his chest, for that had a light covering of hair. It seemed to be his back, so he was clearly lying on his stomach.

Her lips came into contact with a jutting bone, which she was sure was his shoulder blade. She moved her lips to the right and found his arm, which she began to lightly kiss along the underside, where his skin was soft and smooth due to its lack of exposure to the sun and the wind. But his arm was not the part of the body she most wanted to visit. With great difficulty she turned her body and changed direction so that her head was now facing towards his feet, toppling as she did so. She was now lying parallel with him, but their bodies were facing in opposite directions. She felt so clumsy and ungainly, and wondered what he was thinking, watching her like this. She stuck out her tongue, and this time it was his thigh she could feel, with hairs that tickled her chin. She was getting close to where she wanted to be.

He raised his knee into the air, creating a V-shape with the bed, and taking the opportunity offered she ducked her head underneath so that it was now between his thighs. She licked the skin on his inner thigh, which was almost as smooth as that of his inner arm, and tried to shuffle upwards towards her goal, but his leg was now pressing down on her back and stopped her from moving in any direction, which thwarted her plan. For a couple of seconds she was trapped, held down by his strong thighs.

Quick as a flash he lifted his leg to release her, but at the same time he rolled sideways and away from her, seemingly intent on tormenting her still further. She knew he must have stood up, because the bed bounced upwards as his weight left it. What should she do now? If she lay still and gave up, he would be angry and would punish her. He was competitive in all aspects of his life, and he could not bear if she gave up too easily.

She decided to move back and place her feet on the ground again, to aid her to stand upright, but she was not quick enough. There was a slight whoosh of air and something sharp lashed her bottom, probably his belt, which he enjoyed tormenting her with. It was not especially hard but more like the sting of a bee, but enough to encourage her to move a little faster.

Once more on her feet, she edged her way around the end of the bed. It was so confusing without her sight or the use of her hands to guide her. He must have crept behind her, for she suddenly received a kiss on her shoulder, and he placed his arms one on each side of her head to stop her from moving, before he removed the earplugs from her ears.

“I decided that I want you to hear me move and speak. Now continue.”

She turned quickly but he was quicker and had moved out of the way. He still had the belt in his hand, however, for she received another flick on her bottom, this time a little stronger than before, but still well within her tolerance level.


He had not granted her the privilege of speech however and the belt flicked her once again.

“You know the rules. No speaking unless I tell you.”

She closed her mouth, knowing that he always meant what he said. He must have felt some sympathy for her, however; either that or he was anxious to feel her mouth on him, for she walked straight into him, stopping suddenly as her breasts came into contact with his firm, muscular chest; the result of his regular visits to the gym.

She opened her mouth and licked his chest around his nipples and then lowered her head as she kissed his body in a downward direction. Soon, however, she would need to drop to her knees. But that might prove difficult without the use of her arms to steady herself, and if he then moved away, how would she be able to stand up again?

He moved again, but this time it was only to turn his back on her. Should she continue to use her lips and tongue on his back, or was he expecting her to move around him? She decided that she would try to kneel and carefully bent first one knee, then the other, until they were both resting on the carpet. He had not moved away, so she began to kiss the back of his thighs, lightly and delicately, almost as though the wings of a butterfly were touching him. She moved her tongue and licked the inside of his thighs and heard a slight intake of breath that told her that he was enjoying her gentle touch. His legs parted a little, giving her greater access to the space between them. She knew from experience that he wanted to feel her tongue on his ball sac, but she was not yet ready to grant his wish, and she continued to use her tongue and lips on the back of his thighs, until she reached the crease of his buttocks. She ran her tongue along the crease, before kissing her way across his taut arse to the other side, and repeated the process. Her movements were slow and exact, for she had become mischievous and decided to make him wait a little.

He was becoming impatient now, and she felt him lean away from her and realised that he had now bent over with his hands on the bed to enable her to reach more easily with her tongue. But still she continued to deny him. She shuffled forward and placed her lips in the inner crease of his thighs, where they joined his body. His skin was so soft in that place that hardly ever sees the light of day. To reach it she had to push her head between his legs, and in doing so her ear rubbed against his balls. She heard him give a quiet groan, as he became more aroused. But still he said nothing to her.

She turned her head and began to draw her tongue across his lower buttocks and past the edge of his sac, to reach the other side. He stretched his legs further apart, offering a subliminal if not vocal message. But she ignored it and reached out her tongue for that soft, smooth skin at the very top of his inner thigh, as she had on the other leg. For a brief moment she was in control and she was enjoying it.

Finally, she decided she dare not torment him any longer, or he might prove difficult and deny her any pleasure later and her pussy was damp with need. She brought her face back to the centre and reached out her tongue until she felt the rough, loose skin of the back of his sac, and as she touched him he let out a groan of pure lust. His cock was not hanging down, but must be lying on the surface of the bed. Was he deliberately placing it out of her reach?

She took one of his balls into her mouth and gently sucked at it, and then repeated the process on the other. She released the ball and stretched her tongue and could just reach the point at which the sac joins on to the underside of his cock, which she knew must be rock hard by now.

He liked these games he played with her, and they followed a pattern. They would often take place in a neutral hotel room that was unfamiliar to her. She would often be blindfolded and sometimes he would demand that she go on to all fours and try to catch him. Or he would bring a new toy for him to try on her. But however he tormented her, he always excited her beyond measure.

It was becoming increasingly difficult to reach further with her tongue, and she wondered if she should withdraw from the back and try to reach the other side of him. She was desperate to take the length of his cock into her mouth, and always enjoyed giving him head, but tonight he was intent on tormenting her and she wasn’t sure whether her pleasure was very high on the list for him. Perhaps she should wait and let him take the lead?

He stood suddenly and turned his body; so quickly in fact that she was unprepared and toppled forward, her face contacting the bed. He laughed and sat down, placing one leg on either side of her, and pulled her upright using her long hair. He bent and kissed her ear and then whispered hoarsely into it.

“You have been a little mischievous tonight, my sweet. I might have to punish you later. But for now you can service my cock, which I know you are desperate to do.”

He pressed her head down into his lap and she again found his cock, but this time from the other end. Her lips slipped over the tip and she took his length right to the end. She was on familiar territory here and she knew exactly how to please him with her mouth, but this time without her hands to assist her.

“Take it deep. Yes…like that.”

He pressed her head and held it down, but she did not panic. He often did this and she relaxed her throat and took him in even further, breathing in what little air she could through her nose. She loved this, the control, the slight fear that he might not let her up for air in time. It excited her beyond measure and she trusted him completely.

He released his grip and she was able to come up for a gasp of air before he again plunged himself into her. But then he paused. He obviously was not ready to come just yet and he pulled her off his cock and, bending forward, kissed her hard on her mouth.

“I love you. You know that, don’t you?”

She nodded her head. He hadn’t yet given her permission to speak. He continued.

“Even though you were a little tease tonight. Topping from the bottom, weren’t you my sweet?”

She nodded and felt her cheeks become a little red. She knew that they weren’t the only cheeks that would be reddened that night and her pussy clenched in joyful anticipation.

I would love to hear from you if you enjoyed my story - or even if you didn't. Please leave a comment below.

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