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A Love More Precious Than Diamonds

New York, 2012

I stood still as a beautiful vision walked towards me. Seeing her almost took my breath away and I gazed in awe as people in the hotel lobby parted to let her pass. Both men and women looked at her admiringly, and it was easy to see why. The woman gliding towards me was wearing a figure-hugging, glistening red, full-length gown that clung to her perfect body. Her thick, chestnut hair was swept into an elegant chignon, below which she wore sparkling diamond earrings. She looked like any man's dream date, and she was walking towards me!

She looked straight at me and smiled such a radiant smile that would have unfrozen even the coldest heart. Seeing her like this struck somewhere deep within me, bringing back a faint memory of another time, another place and another woman. What was it about seeing her that brought back those bittersweet memories of so long ago?

I shivered slightly, as though a ghost had walked over my body. I did not want to go back to that time. This beautiful young woman had blown through my life like a breath of fresh air and I wanted to let the past remain the past and enjoy what I had today.

Perhaps I should explain these feelings by going back to the past of twenty years ago, to another woman who helped make me into the person I am today. This is my story.


London, 1992

I'm not sure whether I saw Gem first, or if she saw me. At any rate, my eyes were scanning the bar from left to right and she was scanning the bar in the opposite direction when our eyes met. The world stood still for me. There, sitting alone in the bar where I worked, was the most sensational woman I have ever seen, or probably ever likely to see. She sat poised and completely still, her chin slightly raised from her long, elegant neck, her legs elegantly crossed, and her dark brown, sensual eyes looking directly into mine. She had dark brown, shoulder length glossy hair that looked impeccable, as though she had never encountered a gust of wind in her entire life. She was dressed completely in black – a simple, but elegant, fitted silk dress that stopped two inches above the knee, sheer black tights (or stockings maybe, even better!) and black, five-inch heels. She could have been any age from thirty to fifty; it was impossible to tell from this distance. She was heart-stoppingly beautiful, and she was looking at me.

I might have stood there for hours, mesmerised as I was by this vision of beauty and poise, if it hadn't been for my boss, Jerry, nudging me in the ribs.

"Hey, where are you tonight, Danny? I've spoken to you twice." His eyes followed mine to see what was distracting me and he smiled. "Out of your league, son, totally out of your league. Customers are waiting at the other end of the bar, get to it."

I served two guys with beers. It only took a couple of minutes, but when I next looked, she had gone. I was gutted.

The last hour of my shift dragged so slowly, but eventually eleven pm arrived and I could leave. My boss and the bar manager were cashing up the tills and Jake, my fellow barman, said that he could cope with clearing the tables. I shrugged on my leather jacket over the black t-shirt and jeans that were my uniform, and went out on to the wet November night.

I was a third year undergraduate at the London School of Economics (or LSE as it is universally known) and I worked at the bar in the West End of London three nights a week to help stretch the finances a little more. My parents had invested some money for me some years before, which helped quite considerably, but London was not a cheap city in which to live and most of my classmates had part-time jobs.

I was twenty-one years old and quite green as far as life and love were concerned. Sure, I'd had quite a few girlfriends, but not many lovers. In fact, there were just three girls with whom I'd experienced a sexual relationship, and a couple of one-night stands. So, I was hardly in the Latin Lover category.

I was told that I was good looking, but I didn't always see it myself when looking in the mirror. I suppose my body wasn't bad—a shade over six feet, and well-toned from several years of playing rugby, both at school and at university. I had stopped playing now in my final year, because I was studying hard for my exams the following summer. Between that and working at the bar, there was not enough time. But my broad shoulders and defined muscles remained. I needed to get out and run more to keep up my stamina, but I guess that walking around the bar three nights a week was better than being slumped in front of a TV or games console like many of my fellow undergrads.

Immediately outside the bar was a black limousine, with dark windows. As I walked past, the rear passenger window lowered and a soft, but very sexy voice called to me. It was the woman from the bar.

My heart was thumping so hard I was sure that she would hear it from within the limo, and the moisture suddenly drained from my mouth.

"Can I offer you a lift somewhere? You will get soaked in this rain."

I hesitated, half of me desperately wanting to get into the car with her and the other half wondering if I should run for my life. The first half won.

"Yes, that would be great."

I suppose that was the moment my life changed forever. You hear stories about simple decisions that have life changing results, but I never thought such a thing would happen to me. I hadn't given too much thought about my future life, but I hoped that if I gained a good degree I might get a good job in the City of London. I assumed, like most guys my age, that I would have a few years having fun with hot young women, before settling down with the girl next door to marry and raise a family. But meeting this woman, this exciting and mesmerising woman, was to change all that.

She opened the car door and slid across to the other side to let me in, and the door closed. She held her hand out to me, a hand that had a beautiful and very large diamond ring on one finger and a diamond bracelet around the wrist.

"Hello, my name is Gem. And you are..." she left the question hanging. I took her hand. Her fingernails were long and varnished a very bold red. "Hi, I'm Danny. I saw you in the bar. I work there." I was gabbling. For God's sake Danny, she saw you in the bar. She knows you work there. But she merely smiled. The car purred quietly away. Gem did not ask me where I lived

and I did not ask her where she was heading. I was totally mesmerised by the woman beside me. After a few moments, I broke the silence. "Gem, is that short for Gemma?" "No, it's not my real name. It's a name that was given me because I am like the gems I wear, precious and sparkling."

I noticed that she was wearing diamond earrings too. At least, I assumed they were real diamonds. I was not at all knowledgeable where precious stones were concerned. I did not mix with people who wore such adornments. I suppose it could all have been fake, but I doubted it.

"Do you need to rush off home, Danny? Or would you like to have a drink with me? I know a very nice night club not too far away."

"No, there's no rush. Yes, that would be great, but I am not very smartly dressed."

"Oh I don't think that matters. People are much more relaxed about dress codes these days. How old are you Danny?"

"Twenty-one. I'm a third year student at the LSE."

She did not reply, but merely smiled, and I, with the arrogance of youth, never questioned why a woman like her would be interested in a young man like me. All I knew was that this beautiful, sexy woman wanted to take me for a drink.

The car pulled to a stop outside a smart house in Mayfair. There was nothing to indicate that the house was a nightclub, except that there were two large men in dark overcoats standing either side of the door. One of them nodded to Gem and stepped forward to open the door, ushering us into the lobby, where a young woman in a maid's uniform took Gem's wrap from her. She paused for a moment, unsure whether to take my jacket, but Gem waved her away.

We proceeded through an archway that was hung with red velvet curtains and gold tassels, into a softly lit bar beyond. Soft classical music was playing in the background and the large room was lavishly furnished with oversized, soft sofas and armchairs, and low tables dotted around. The whole place reeked of wealth and class and I felt very conscious of my appearance. I didn't think I looked smart enough to even be behind the bar, let alone be one of the customers. Gem, however, didn't look in the least concerned about my dress. She led me across the room to where a silver haired man of around fifty, was seated alone, nursing a brandy. He looked up as we approached and gave a brief smile.

"Well done, Gem. I was sure that you would return alone." He indicated for us to sit down opposite him. "And who have you brought along my dear? He looks very young, even for you." "This, Victor, is Danny. He is a student at the LSE." "Good evening, Danny. It is very nice to meet you. Can I get you a drink?" I hesitated, unsure what was going on. Gem had invited me for a drink, but she had not

mentioned meeting anyone else. However, I was still mesmerised by the beauty at my side and not yet ready to run out. I turned to the waiter who had come to take our orders.

"I'll have a whisky please."

It was not my usual drink, but I was in awe of my surroundings and a little intimidated. Besides, I didn't think that they would serve pints of my favourite keg beer here. Gem ordered a glass of champagne and then made my heart beat much faster when she casually placed her hand on my knee, and left it there. I had to remind myself to keep breathing normally.

Victor continued talking as though nothing had changed, asking me about my course and the usual chitchat people say when they are getting to know someone. Gem said nothing, letting Victor do all the talking. It appeared that he was an importer of luxury goods from all over the world. He had started life in Russia, but his family had left Moscow when he was a young child, and he had lived in numerous countries since then. His accent reflected his upbringing, with traces of Russian, American, and French mixed in, but his English was impeccable, and he now spent several months of the year in London. He had a sense of humour and made me smile as I listened to his various anecdotes, and as the second, and then third whisky appeared, I became very relaxed. In all that time, Gem's hand remained on my leg, occasionally moving up and down my thigh.

My mind was becoming pleasantly fuzzy but I noticed Victor's tone alter slightly. "Come here." He wasn't speaking to me, but to Gem. She immediately stood up and went to Victor's

side. He indicated for her to sit on the arm of his chair. Her dress rose up a little and I caught a glimpse of black stocking tops, which immediately made my cock perk up.

"She's a fine looking woman, isn't she Danny?"

An hour earlier, and with one less whisky in me, I might have stuttered a reply, but the drink emboldened me somewhat.

"I think she's the most beautiful woman I've ever seen." "Would you like to fuck her?" I was stunned into silence, and my heart beat even faster. Did I hear correctly, or was I listening to voices in my imagination? "She's mine and I will give her to you for the evening if you wish." As if to demonstrate his ownership, Victor pushed up Gem's dress even further and I almost stopped breathing as I saw her naked, hairless pussy. Gem stood up and came back to sit next to me and leaned over, whispering into my ear.

"I can give you a night you will never forget, Danny. Step off that precipice, you know you want to."

Her hand then returned to my thigh and, in full view of the room, although I don't think anyone was watching, ran her hand lightly along the inside of my leg until she reached the place where my cock was straining at the zip of my jeans.

"I bet you are a big boy, aren't you?"

I was completely dumbstruck, my voice temporarily lost, and my heart was beating so fast I thought I might hyperventilate. She stood up and held out her hand.

"Come, Danny. Come with me."

Her voice was soft, gentle, and mesmerising. I stood and took her hand. I was completely lost.

She took me down a corridor and past several closed doors to the last door on the right, which she opened. The room was not large, but furnished in the same sumptuous style as the bar, with heavy velvet drapes across the window, a brown leather wing backed chair sat in one corner and a couch in the other corner of the room. But, it was something else that caught my eye. On the end wall was a wooden frame with straps and chains attached. To its right was a cabinet with a series of shallow drawers, and on the top was a riding crop. Now I might have been a naïve twenty-one-year-old student, but I knew exactly what these items were for. The thing I did not know was who they were intended for, Gem or me. Part of me was excited, while another part was almost ready to run.

As soon as we were inside the room, Gem turned, and in the dim light, leaned forward to whisper into my ear.

"Don't be afraid. You will enjoy it. Just go with your instincts."

She took hold of my face and kissed me gently, first on the forehead, then on each cheek and finally on the lips. Her lips were full and soft and she knew exactly how much pressure to exert. The tip of her tongue came out and touched mine just a little. The excitement in my groin was beginning to rise and I knew that I wanted this woman more than anything or anyone in my entire life.

While we were kissing, she gently pushed my jacket back from my shoulders until it fell on to the floor behind me, before running the palms of her hands up each of my arms and then across my back.

"Such a beautiful body," she whispered. "I must see it."

She began to lift my t-shirt and slid her hands underneath, with practised ease. Her soft hands stroked my chest, making me shiver in anticipation. Every movement she made was slow, sensuous, and deliberate.

She drew back from me and slowly unzipped her dress and let it drop to the floor, and then stood motionless in front of me in a black lacy push-up bra, stockings and her shoes. Her figure was perfection. I wanted to take her soft, round breasts in my hands and squeeze them, but I was too afraid to make the move. She took a step forward and lifted my T-shirt over my head to bare my upper torso, before bending her head and kissing me all over my chest, whilst I simply stood and allowed it.

She lifted her head and her face was just inches from my own.

"Why me?" I wanted to know what it was that had led her to bring me to this place, when a woman like her could have almost any man she chose.

"Because you have such a sexy body, yet the face of an innocent. It is the perfect combination. Do you want to fuck me?"

My voice almost caught in my throat. "Yes, of course, but..."

I knew I should have questions, but I couldn't for the life of me formulate the words. While I struggled to engage the speaking part of my brain, the part that controlled my cock was working overtime and I almost came in my pants. If my confusion showed on my face, Gem ignored it and continued speaking in her soft, sensuous voice.

"Before we do I would like you to do something for me. I want you to spank me. It excites me very much to be spanked. Would you do that for me?"

"I haven't... I mean, I have never...." "I know you haven't, Danny. Let me show you what I want you to do." Gem turned and went to a bowl on top of the cabinet and picked out a condom packet,

then handed it to me before she walked to the couch and the sight of that perfect, peachy bottom nearly caused me to come in my pants. She turned and beckoned me to her.

"I am going to bend over and put my hands on the couch, and I want you to stand behind me and smack me hard on my bottom. Can you do that for me, Danny? It would excite me very much."

She bent from the waist and rested the palms of her hands on the seat of the couch, before parting her legs so that I could see her pussy peeping through. My cock became even harder, and I wasn't sure that I could hold out until she wanted to fuck, but I wanted to please her.

She turned her head and smiled at me, speaking in a low, throaty voice. "Spank me please, Danny. I want it so badly."

That was all the encouragement I needed. I raised my arm and brought it down sharply on the luscious cheeks in front of me. I was worried that I might hit her too hard, but she simply gave a soft groan and I could see dampness sparkling on the luscious lips of her sex. As I was about to strike her for the second time, the door opened quietly and I heard someone enter. I swung round and saw Victor sit down on the leather chair in the corner. I became a little nervous.

"It's alright, Danny. He likes to watch me being spanked. You don't mind, do you? Please carry on. Spank me again."

I raised my arm and brought it down sharply again, so that I heard a nice crisp crack from the sound of my palm against her soft cheeks.

She inhaled loudly and then groaned. "Yes, Danny. Oh yes."

I continued, and with each slap from my hand, she seemed to become more and more aroused. I had lost count, but I thought I had given her about twelve slaps, before I heard Victor's voice.

"Now take her, Danny. Right there. Take her from behind. Fuck her hard. That's what she wants."

Gem began to pant and rotate her hips, urging me on. All that I could think of at that time was how quickly I could put my cock into that sweet pussy in front of me. I fumbled with my zip and pushed my jeans and underpants down my legs to the floor, before putting on the condom with shaking hands. I aimed the head of my cock at her soaking pussy and pushed it into her as hard as I could. She groaned loudly.

"Oh yes, Danny. Fuck me hard. Fuck me as hard as you can."

I pumped into her hard. Each time I withdrew and then slammed back into her she groaned with pleasure. She was becoming more and more excited.

"Please, Sir, may I come. I want to come." From behind me, I heard Victor's deep voice. "Yes, Gem. You may come." As soon as she heard his voice, she began to tremble and quiver and feeling her reach her climax I was unable to hold back my own. I yelled as I came more powerfully than I ever had before in my life. When I had released all that I had, I pulled out. The pleasure was mixed with another sensation, one that was unfamiliar to me. I looked down at the woman still bent over in front of me and I felt a sense of power. I felt exhilarated and I knew that sex would never be the same again.

"Come here."

Without questioning, Gem rose from the couch and went over to Victor, where she knelt down in front of him and lowered her head. He reached out his hand and raised her chin until she was looking at him.

"Did you enjoy your new little pup, Gem? Did he satisfy you?" "Yes, Sir, he did." He looked up at me, still fastening my jeans. "So Danny, did you enjoy Gem? Would you like to do this again?" "Yes, Sir, I would."

Calling him 'Sir' as a mark of respect seemed to come naturally. I wanted to ask him questions, such as why did he want to watch me fucking his woman instead of doing it himself, but I was inhibited in his presence and kept quiet.

"Go out into the lobby and you will find the driver. Get him to take you home and arrange for him to pick you up at the same time next Saturday. Now, if you will excuse me, this little slut deserves a whipping. Fetch me the cane, Gem."

I was disturbed about what would happen after I left the room, but the expression I saw on Gem's face persuaded me that it was something she wanted to happen. On the journey home, I relived the events of the last hour over and over in my head. If it was not for the erection I still had, I might have thought that the whole event had been in my imagination. I could not wait for the next time.

This is the first chapter of my book A Love More Precious Than Diamonds, which can be obtained on Amazon US here and on Amazon UK here

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