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The Secretary - a short, erotic story

His eyes were so penetrating they seemed to be boring holes through to the hot centre of her body. She shifted uneasily from one foot to the other, in her nervousness.

“Stand still. Stop fidgeting.”

“I’m sorry, I…”

“And don’t apologize either. Just do as I tell you and we will get along well. I assume you were told what the job entails?”

“Yes sir. I am to act as your assistant, take notes at meetings and follow your instructions as far as the efficient running of your office is concerned.”

“Simplify it. I instruct, you do. Is that sufficiently succinct for you?”

“I…I, yes, of course.”

“Good, then we may as well start straight away. By the way, I suppose you have heard on the company grapevine that I am a hard taskmaster?”

“Well, I did hear…”

“A simple yes or no will suffice, Miss Roberts.”

“Yes, sir.”

James Delacourt walked around his desk and stood facing his latest secretary, Alice Roberts; his face just inches from hers. She blushed but made no attempt to step back. Hmm! Promising, he thought. The last girl would have been halfway out of the building by now. It looks as though this one has a bit more mettle. He noticed the crisp, white blouse, unbuttoned to the third button, showing a glimpse of a tempting pair of breasts, rising and falling with each breath; the rounded hips straining beneath the tailored black pencil skirt; and the plain black four-inch heeled shoes that made her legs look long and elegant.

“So you’re not afraid of me then, Miss Roberts?”

“Should I be afraid, Mr Delacourt?”

He paused at the unexpected retort. This was the point where the last one had simply scuttled from the office as fast as her little legs would take her. This one, he felt sure, would not scuttle. If she did flee he was sure that she would walk haughtily and elegantly away, swaying her backside as she went. She interested him, and he wasn’t easily interested these days since his head of human resources had warned him that employment law would come down heavily on any form of sexual harassment, even if it came from the owner and CEO of the company; perhaps even especially from the CEO of a company as big and prestigious as his. The press would have a field day, he was told, and it could be very damaging for the reputation of the business.

“So I’m not allowed to fuck my secretary, am I?” He felt he could say this to the head of H.R., in view of the fact that it was his oldest friend, Ben Cameron. Ben and he went back to university days, and they had done their fair share of womanising together over the years, until Ben had quit the race and settled down with one woman, his lovely wife, Caroline.

“When have I ever told you who you may or may not fuck, James? And even if I did, when have you ever listened to what I say?”

“Quite right, Ben. After all, if I had followed your advice I wouldn’t have started this company, would I?”

“And are you ever going to let me forget that fact?”

“Not this side of hell freezing over.”

But the sparring between them was all in good fun. Besides, as Ben occasionally reminded James when he was getting a little high handed, “You can’t sack me, you do realize that? After all, not only do I know where all the bodies are buried, but I am certain that I also have photographic evidence of all your misdeeds hidden away somewhere.”

Considering some of the things they had got up to at university, it was quite likely that this last claim was true. Not that James had ever considered getting rid of his head of human resources, even if he did chafe at what he considered to be petty rules and regulations of modern employment law.

He turned his attention back to his quite stunning-looking new secretary.

“No, Miss Roberts you do not need to be afraid of me, so long as you turn up on time each day, don’t spend hours powdering your nose in the Ladies restroom, or gossip about your work to anyone outside this room. Do you think that these rules are too onerous for you to follow?”

“No, Mr Delacourt, I think that I can keep to those rules easily. But can I just ask what will happen to me should I break any of your rules?”

James looked intently at her face to see whether there was a hidden agenda in her asking that question, and he thought he detected a faintly challenging expression that made his cock twitch. Mmm! I think I have a lively one here. One thing he missed these days was a bit of a challenge in the women he played with. Now that he was rich and successful, girls fell into his arms with hardly any effort on his part. It took some of the fun away, and he had sometimes walked away from hot-looking women, who would have dropped their panties and bent over his desk with little encouragement from him. But where was the fun in that. They made it too easy for him. He looked Alice straight in the eye as he replied.

“Oh I can be very inventive, Miss Roberts. You will just have to wait and see, won’t you?”

Alice Roberts returned his direct look, but obviously decided that her silence at this point was probably called for, even though James detected an air of frustration on her face at her inability to speak her mind in front of her new employer. He decided to put her mind at rest.

“You are allowed to have an opinion, Miss Roberts. It is just outright rebellion I probably won’t tolerate. I won’t sack you for disagreeing with me, although I hasten to say that I would prefer that you don’t make a habit of it. I already have a number of yes people in this company; people who would probably follow me over the cliff if I were to demand it, so it would be quite refreshing to have someone with a mind of her own close to me. And if you have a good bullshit detector, all the better; then you can keep those people far away from me; except for Ben Cameron, head of HR. He has instant access at all times, no matter what derogatory comments come out of his mouth. Do you understand what I am saying, Miss Roberts?”

“Yes, Mr Delacourt. I understand perfectly. What would you like me to do first?”

First, what I would really like is to see you walk naked in your high heels across the office. But of course the words didn’t come from his mouth, but just echoed through his sex-obsessed brain.

“I think we can start with you fetching me a coffee, Miss Roberts; black, with no sugar. There is a fresh pot sitting out there, next to your desk. Bring me a cup, and then I want to go over the meetings schedule for this week. Bring your notebook back in with you.”

He watched her leave his office, admiring the view as she left. A firm, full bottom – very nice, and the way it undulated as she walked definitely hit the spot. Damn, it’s going to be hard working alongside the woman and keeping his hands to himself.

It was two days later before James’ ability to hold himself in check was severely tested. Alice came into work in a pale grey linen dress that had practically been sprayed on to her body. Arriving at work just behind her, he had the pleasure of following her along the corridor towards his office, and watched as the most delicious arse he had seen in many a year undulated its way even more than usual. Did she know he was behind her? Was he getting a special performance? If so, it was definitely producing results in the groin area, and he diplomatically held his briefcase over the front of his trousers as the middle-aged and easily shockable woman from accounts passed him by. He didn’t want to be the main subject of conversation in the company canteen at lunchtime.

Alice stopped at her desk, which was placed outside his office, and bent down to put her handbag on the ground next to the desk. Holy Joe, what is this woman trying to do to me? I think I might be forced to ignore Ben’s lecture about banging the staff. I don’t think my cock can withstand much more stimulation. She turned to face him.

“Ah, good morning, Mr Delacourt. I didn’t see you there behind me.”

Like fuck you didn’t, you sexy tease.

“Good morning Miss Roberts, some coffee please.”

“Of course, sir. I will be right in.”

He went into his office and sat behind the large, maple wood desk that dominated the space, adjusting his trousers as he did so. How the fuck am I going to concentrate on business matters with a hard-on like this. He felt like summoning his secretary into the office, pushing her over his desk and slamming into her from the rear, and sod the legal case of sexual harassment that would inevitably ensue. He debated with himself whether to go into his private bathroom and jack himself off before starting work. Goddam it, he shouldn’t be in such a position. It was normally he who called the shots; who was in control. Perhaps he should just sack the woman, and then fuck her stupid. At least then he wouldn’t be banging an employee.

It was while still contemplating these matters that Alice came into the office bearing a steaming cup of black coffee. He didn’t want her to walk to the side of his desk to place the cup on the surface next to him, for she would surely spot his condition if she did so. He wasn’t going to put her into a position of power by realising the effect she had on him. So, to head her off, he stretched his arm out over the desk to take the cup from her hand. Thankfully she responded by handing him the cup.

“Do you want me yet, sir?”

Do I fucking want you? You can bet your sweet life I do.

“Not just yet, Miss Roberts. I want to check my e-mails first. I will buzz when I’m ready.”

She smiled and turned to leave his office. Jeez, that arse again. His hand went down to his groin and he ran it over the front of his trousers where a stiffy was trying to burst through his zipper. Sod this. I can’t work like this. I’m going to have to get rid of her. But in the meantime… He stood up and made his way into his bathroom and breathed a sigh of relief when he was at last able to put the beast to bed.

He came back into his office much more relaxed and able to concentrate on business again, going over various matters with Alice and dealing with the calls and e-mails awaiting him.

At lunchtime Ben popped his head around his door.

“You free for lunch?”

He contemplated the pile of papers in front of him. They could wait.

“Yes, why not.”

They headed down in the lift and out into the street, and headed for their favourite lunchtime restaurant nearby. It was a modern build, but made to look like an old fashioned pub, with a long, oak bar, with solid wooden stools, and some booths where people could eat. They sat in one of the booths and the waiter handed them the menu.

“So how is the new secretary getting on?”

“You’ve seen her, you bastard. How do you think she’s getting on? I think you brought her in on purpose, to teach me a lesson.”

Ben laughed. “Yes, I must admit she is very appealing. And that’s me speaking as a happily married man. I assume you are managing to keep your hands to yourself?”

“Just. But it has been a struggle. My cock is asking me why I am torturing it. It’s not used to so much hand action as it’s been getting the past day or two. Are you sure I can’t fuck her occasionally? Did you not have it written into her employment contract, and if not, why not?”

Ben seemed to be having a lot of fun at his friend’s expense.

“Well I did think about it, but if the company to survive and prosper, then you need to be doing at least some work each day.” He placed the emphasis on the word some.

“Yes, but if I have to sit in my office with a permanent erection, then I am certainly not going to be working at my best. You need to find me a new girlfriend. The last one disappeared weeks ago.”

“I’m not surprised. A girl wants to be wined and dined, you know. You can’t expect to invite her back for sex, without so much as a packet of crisps, and then send her home in a taxi.”

“That was only the once, and you know it. My hunger for sex was greater than my hunger for food that night, and I had to send her home in a taxi because I had an early meeting the following day. Anyway, how did you get to hear about this?”

“Because the girl only happened to be Caroline’s friend. You should have been there when I was receiving an ear bashing from her a few days later, as though it was my fault. I don’t think that you will be receiving an invitation to come round for dinner for a while, mate.”

“Sorry about that, Ben. Tell her I will come round with a big bunch of flowers and we can kiss and make up. How was I to know that Cheryl was Caroline’s friend?”

Ben changed the subject slightly, back to James’ current predicament.

“So have you been tempted to make a move on your new secretary yet?”

“Are you asking as my head of human resources, or as my friend?”

“Right at this moment I am asking as your friend, but if you give me an answer I don’t want to hear, then I may have to switch caps. I have a job to do, you know. And I don’t want to keep it just because the boss is my best friend.”

“Well the honest answer is that I haven’t laid a finger on her yet. I haven’t even made an improper suggestion.”

“I don’t like the word yet, that you tacked on to the end of your first sentence.”

James laughed. “Well that is the only answer you are going to get from me my friend. Now, we’d better order some food. I have a two pm meeting coming up.”

James didn’t know how he got through the rest of the week. That wretched woman came in looking more delectable each day, and behaved more provocatively too; dropping her pen on to the carpet and bending down very slowly to retrieve it, and bending low over the desk as she placed papers in front of him so that he was unable to avoid seeing those luscious breasts in all their glory, poking out of a peach-coloured lacy push-up bra. It had almost developed into a battle of wills. He was certain that she was willing and was just waiting for a signal from him, but he was determined to show Ben that he wasn’t an insatiable sex machine and that he could keep his cock in his pants for the sake of the company.

By Friday afternoon he had already jerked off twice in the bathroom that day, and was so relieved that the working week was almost over and that he could go on the prowl that evening to see if he could hook up with someone in the bars he usually frequented at the weekend. He was normally very disciplined in not playing during the week, when he put his work first, but Friday was usually his let-off-steam night, and this week he was looking forward to it very much more than usual.

The door opened and Ben poked his head around.

“Got a few minutes?”

“Yes, come in.”

Ben walked in and appeared to be trying to smother a smirk. James looked at him quizzically.

“Want to tell me something?”

At that moment there was a tap on the door and Alice came into the room.

“Excuse me barging in, sir, but I need to take those two letters to the post tonight, and if you don’t mind I would like to be leaving soon.”

“Mmm, yes, okay.”

He wondered why Ben was having such difficulty in stifling a grin, but then his attention was taken by Alice, swaying across the room and brushing her body against him as she bent to collect the two letters. He smelt her light perfume waft past his nostrils, and she was so close he could feel the warmth of her body. He sucked in air and closed his eyes momentarily, waiting for her to collect the letters and go. When he opened them again it was to see both Ben and Alice Roberts with their hands over their mouths, trying hard not to laugh out loud.

“Okay, what is it Ben? You’ve been trying not to laugh since you came in, and now you’ve got Miss Roberts involved in the merriment. Is there something that I need to know?”

He was more than a little irritated. His cock ached once more and his temper was becoming very frayed. All he wanted was to leave the office, drive to the nearest bar and have a stiff whisky before finding an attractive and available woman who wanted to spend some time with him.

Ben looked at him, and then burst out laughing openly this time.

“If you could see your face, James. But I have to admit you have amazed me. I was quite sure that you would have found it impossible to keep your hands off this lovely lady for a whole week.”

James looked back and forth between the two of him, and the light started to come on in his brain, as he smelt a conspiracy.

“You’ve set me up, you bastard. It’s been a stitch up, hasn’t it?”

“Sorry, I’m afraid you have been properly stitched, mate. And I have to say that I am amazed that you were able to pass the little endurance test I set for you. I asked Alice here, who happens to be another friend of Caroline’s, to do her damndest to try and make you weaken and try your luck with your new secretary, despite my warning about the possible consequences. I was quite certain that you would fail my test, but I have to say, James, that your restraint has been admirable. I think that Alice too is a little disappointed that she failed to entice you. According to Caroline she has been angling after an introduction for months.”

He looked at Alice and grinned, and James too turned to look at her.

“So you are not my real secretary at all then?”

She smiled. “Well I think I did a pretty fine job actually, even though I am actually an accountant, and not a secretary.”

Ben chipped in. “Your new secretary is starting next Monday, and you will probably be relieved to know that she is in her fifties and is a happily married woman, so there should be less temptation for you. Now, why don’t the three of us go for a drink before we go home? I think we’ve all earned one this week.”

“Thanks for the offer, Ben, but not tonight. I think that you need to rush off home now to your beautiful wife, and I think that I need to have a conversation with my ex-secretary.”

Ben laughed out loud. “Okay, I get the message. See you on Monday, and thanks Alice for being such a good sport. You have certainly earned your salary for your week of temp work.”

He winked at James as he turned, and left the office, closing the door behind him. James turned to Alice, who was standing with an expectant look on her face. He recognized the look, for it was a look he had seen before. This woman was hot for him, and he was damn sure that he was hot for her.

“Well, Miss Roberts, it seems that you have been teasing me all week. What do you have to say about that?”

“I’m very sorry, sir. Is there something I can do to make it up to you?”

“I think there is Miss Roberts, and it involves you lying across my desk without your knickers on and being soundly spanked. Does that sound to be a sufficient penalty to you?”

“I thought that might be your preferred course of action and I have taken the liberty of removing my panties in readiness.”

She pulled up her skirt and James’ cock tried to shoot through his zipper.

“You know, you are a very clever girl. I like people who use their initiative. But I am afraid that I won’t be offering you a job. Ben is very strict about me not fucking the employees.”

“I quite understand, sir, and I am ready to face the consequences.” And with that she slowly lifted her skirt, looking him in the eye as she did so and bent over his desk, her cute round bottom pushed out in readiness for him.

And I will leave the rest to your active and very naughty imaginations. I hope you have enjoyed this story. Please leave a comment if you wish, and perhaps take a look at my books, or other short stories, while you are here.

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