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The Intruder - a short, erotic story

The front door banged and I looked up in surprise. Tom wasn’t due home for at least another two hours. I wondered if he had changed his plans. “I won’t be home until at least ten,” he had told me as he had rushed off this morning. “I have an important client to wine and dine, so wish me luck that I pull off the deal.”

I had kissed him at the door, still dressed in just the t-shirt and panties I had worn in bed. I could see the middle-aged woman opposite look at me disapprovingly as she pushed her bin to the kerb, ready for collection, but I didn’t give a toss what the old bat thought. Tom rubbed my bottom a couple of times as he kissed me goodbye, and whispered into my ear. “Behave yourself today, or I might have to warm your lovely arse when I get home.” As if that was an incentive to be good. In fact, it was likely to have the reverse effect, and he knew it.

We knew each other so well, now. Five years together, with two of those years married, meant that we both knew exactly which buttons to press to turn each other on; stretching the boundaries a little each year, to keep our sex life spicy and unpredictable. Not that we play as hard as some people we know, but, let’s put it this way, if you opened the cupboard next to the bed you would find a pair of handcuffs, a few lengths of rope, and one or two battery operated toys. Nothing too harsh, but Tom knew that a little masterful behaviour on his part turned his normally sweet and loving wife into a sexually voracious jezebel, who was willing to submit to him in ways that she wouldn’t even consider in everyday life.

“You’re back early. Did the client bail on you? I didn’t cook anything for dinner, thinking you were eating out.”

The door opened and the welcoming smile died instantly on my lips. For the man standing in the doorway was not my loving husband, but a complete stranger. I was so shocked that I froze for a few seconds, unable to either move or speak. He just stood and smiled at me. Eventually I got my brain into gear and I jumped up from the chair, where I had been reading.

“Who are you? What do you want?”

The man stayed where he was, but held the palm of his hand up towards me. “Don’t worry. I’m not going to hurt you. I just thought we could talk for a little while, especially as your husband is not here this evening.”

I wanted to claw back those words about Tom being out for the evening, but it was too late. He wouldn’t believe me now, if I told him that my husband was due home at any time. I kept quiet, trying to assess the situation and work out how much of a threat this man might be.

He didn’t look like your average axe murderer, but then I can’t say I’ve actually met an axe murderer. He was about six feet, the same height as Tom, and probably a similar age. He wasn’t bad looking, and didn’t look menacing either. In fact, if I wasn’t in a happy marriage to Tom, he might have been a man I would have chatted up in a pub. But here, appearing uninvited in my home, at a time when I was alone, I felt decidedly scared, and I was desperately trying to unfreeze my brain and decide how I could get away from him.

“I saw you kiss your husband goodbye this morning. You looked very fetching in your t-shirt and panties. I rather wished I had someone like you to kiss me goodbye when I go off to work.”

Oh fuck, why did I do something as stupid as that? My impetuous behaviour looked like it had got me into trouble again.

I tried to look as though I wasn’t frightened.

“What do you want? I think you should leave immediately.”

“But I’ve only just arrived. That’s not very hospitable of you, is it?”

He moved towards me, but I stood my ground and refused to cower away from him. He seemed to like that, and smiled.

“Glad to see you don’t scare easily. I hate those women who scream at the first sign of danger.”

I responded with “So, should I be scared then?” hoping that I sounded more confident than I was actually feeling.

“Not at all, I told you that I wouldn’t harm you. Do you believe that?”

“So what are you doing here?”

“I wanted to meet you for myself, rather than just watch you from afar. You are a very attractive woman, as I’m sure you already know.”

I was puzzled now, more than afraid. The man hadn’t given me any reason to be scared, other than the fact that he had walked into my home uninvited. And how did he get in, come to that? Did I forget to drop the latch on the door? I’m normally very careful about matters of security.

“Why don’t you sit down and relax?”

I was a little taken aback, being invited to sit in my own home, by a stranger. Nevertheless I found myself meekly sitting down on the sofa, where I had previously been reading. The man also sat, on the armchair nearby, facing me, and was also between the door and me, which effectively blocked my escape.

“So, do you always go to the door dressed like you did this morning? Not that I’m complaining, mind you. You looked very enticing.”

I didn’t reply, hoping that by ignoring him he would somehow magically become bored and disappear. Yes, I am really that naïve and stupid. But I didn’t know what else to do.

“So you are going to ignore me now, are you?” He laughed a little. “I bet you are a bit more talkative with Tom when he is home?”

I was startled. “Do you know Tom? How do you know his name?”

“I’ve heard you call to him. Anyway, enough of your husband, I want to talk about you. I want to know what makes you tick, Bella.” So he knew my name too. “Do you have fantasies?” Woahh! Now we are getting to the real reason he is here. My heart began to beat faster and sounded loud to me, thumping in my chest. I said nothing.

“I bet you like some pretty hot sex, Bella. Am I right? Do you like it when your husband is a bit naughty with you? Come now, there’s no need to be shy with me. A lot of people like a bit of spice in the bedroom. It’s nothing to be ashamed of.”

I felt my face go warm with embarrassment, but I remained quiet.

“Does he spank you sometimes? From what I have seen, you have quite a spankable bottom, nice and round and firm, wouldn’t you say? I know that if I were your husband, I would spank you on a regular basis. I’d probably put you over my knee to do it. Is that what he does?”

The man’s voice wasn’t harsh or threatening. In fact, if anything, it was quite soft and gentle. I was getting all sorts of mixed messages from him. His expressions, his body language, his voice – none of them married with the words coming from his mouth, and he was confusing me. Or rather, he was confusing my body. Despite my initial fear, I was shocked to find that I was a little damp in my panties. Surely a potential attacker wasn’t turning me on? I was shocked at my behaviour. I had never fantasised about…no, that wasn’t true. I had actually fantasised once or twice about being taken roughly by a complete stranger. But they were just that – fantasies. I would never consider doing something like that for real, would I?

My thoughts must have reflected on my face, for the man had stopped talking and was watching me closely. I wondered what was going through his mind. Could I believe him when he said that he wouldn’t hurt me? Was he just a bit of a pervert who got off on scaring women? His soft, mellifluous tones began again.

“If you were mine, I would love to undress you very, very slowly. I would kiss you and caress you until you were aching for me to fuck you. But I wouldn’t – not straight away. I would tell you to put on a pair of high heels and then walk slowly around the room, naked, so that I could study you from every angle. I would want you to feel the sexual tension building up between us; tightening slowly like a coiled spring, waiting to be released. I would make you sit in the chair, with one of your legs resting over the arm so I could see your pretty pussy peeping from between your legs. I wonder if you shave down there, Bella, or whether you prefer the natural look. Personally I like to see some hair down there.”

I felt my pulse throbbing in my wrist as the thumb of one hand stroked the wrist of the other. As hard as I tried I couldn’t prevent myself from being turned on. I could also feel a slight throbbing between my thighs, and I concentrated hard on not letting anything show on my face. So much so, that I nearly missed it when he began to speak again.

“I think I would tell you to play with yourself, while I watched you rubbing your fingers through that hair and stroking your pussy. I expect you masturbate quite often, don’t you Bella?”

He didn’t wait for me to reply.

“Yes, I expect you do. You look like a woman who enjoys exploring her own body. I would watch you while you slip your fingers inside yourself and rub that little clitty of yours until it becomes swollen with desire. But I wouldn’t let you go over the edge, Bella. I would make you stop, when you are almost there, but I wouldn’t let you have any release. No, I have other plans for you before I would let you enjoy that moment. Do you know what I would do next, Bella?”

He paused, but wasn’t expecting me to answer, for he began to talk again almost immediately.

“I would make you come to me on your hands and knees and kneel in front of me. I would tell you to take out my cock and pleasure me with your mouth. You look like a girl who knows what to do with a man’s cock in her mouth, Bella. I bet you have had one or two cocks in your mouth before now, haven’t you?”

I was sure my eyes were becoming glazed with lust, but I concentrated on keeping my breathing steady and not fidgeting on the chair. He looked at me, straight into my eyes, coolly and calmly, as though we were simply talking about the price of a pint of milk. Yet I could detect lust in his eyes too, and prayed that he wouldn’t decide to act on it. My prayers must have been answered, for he made no attempt to approach me, but continued to talk, quietly.

“I would tell you to lick the tip of my cock softly, and then lick all the way down to my balls, before taking it into your mouth. I would push deep into your mouth Bella, as far as you could take me.” He paused, waiting for his words to sink into my brain, which they did, deeply, and also into other parts of my body. I was desperately trying to restrain myself from walking across to him and demanding that my visitor fucked me right now. But of course I did not. Because this wasn’t really happening, was it? Surely this was all taking place in my imagination?

The man seemed to be struggling a little himself, as though he wanted to do something, but was stopping himself from acting on his desires. He ceased talking for a few moments, simply looking at me with obvious desire in his eyes. Eventually he managed to gain some control and resumed his verbal seduction. For that is what it seemed like to me. There was not a hint of aggression and my fear had long since left. I almost jumped when he began to talk again.

“But of course we would not be able to leave things there, Bella. Both of us would be very aroused, wouldn’t we? It would be cruel for us both to stop at that point. You would stop sucking my cock and would lean over the back of the chair and I would take you from behind, Bella. That’s how you would want it to end, wouldn’t you? My cock would be so hard and thick with desire for you, and I would plunge into you like a man dying of thirst would attack a bottle of water. I would take you without mercy, and you would be so full of need that you would thrust yourself back to meet me, groaning loudly with each stroke.”

He stopped suddenly. I could see a couple of beads of sweat on his forehead, and his eyes were closed. I should have made a run for it, but I couldn’t move. I leaned back into the chair, breathing heavily and making no pretence now that I was not fully aroused. I closed my eyes too, and only opened them when I felt a pair of lips kissing my cheek.

“Oh Bella, your husband is a lucky man.”

And with that, the man turned and walked from the room. Seconds later I heard the click as the front door closed.

I remained in the chair in the gathering gloom of the evening, unwilling to move from my position. I was still there fifteen minutes later when I heard the key in the door and Tom’s voice as he called out to me to let me know he was home. “Why are you sitting in the dark, Bella? Shall I put a lamp on?”

I stood up and went to greet him.

“No, its okay. I was thinking of going up anyway. Are you ready to go up?”

He put his arms around my waist and drew me towards him. I could smell that he had drunk some wine and I hoped it was in celebration, and not commiseration.

“You know I’m always ready to go to bed with you, baby.”

“How did it go?”

“Fantastic. We got the order, and I will have a nice juicy bonus this month.”

He pulled me in tight, his hands firmly on my bottom, and kissed me hard.

“How about you? Have you had a good day?”

I looked him in the face and I thought I saw a strange look in his eyes.

“Yes, I’ve had a great day. How about we go to bed and celebrate your success in the usual way?”

“That sounds good, baby. You know, I might give your bottom a bit of a roasting too, for standing on the front doorstep this morning looking like you did. I expect all the men in the street would have had a hard-on seeing you like that.”

I smiled, but said nothing. I had a funny feeling that Tom knew a little more about my evening than he was prepared to let on.

I hope you enjoyed this short story, and would love you to leave a comment below. Please also take the time to look at the rest of my website.

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