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Come Fly With Me - a short, erotic story

She hated long haul flights, especially those of ten hours and more. She had watched the only watchable film, read a few chapters of a book, and tried to sleep. But sleep evaded her. The meals had been served and most of the passengers had settled under their blankets, eyes closed or covered by sleep masks, and the crew had turned the lights down low. At least in first class there was more room to stretch out, unlike the cattle class behind, and she stretched her long limbs under the seat in front.

“Are you uncomfortable?”

The voice came unexpectedly from the man to her left. She had thought he was asleep, but apparently not, and this was the first time he had spoken, even though the flight had begun some three hours earlier. She turned to look at him. He was about forty, she guessed; quite distinguished looking, with thick, dark hair, beginning to turn grey around the ears. She noticed he had large hands, with well-manicured nails.

She normally tried to avoid talking with fellow passengers, especially on long haul flights, where there was no escape should the conversation become tedious. But this man had asked a direct question, and she thought it rude to ignore him.

“No more than usual, I guess. I can never sleep on planes.”

“Me neither, but that is probably just as well, as I am a pilot.”

He smiled; causing the skin to the side of his eyes, crinkle in an attractive way.

She returned his smile.

“I guess that falling asleep while flying the plane is not encouraged by the airline.”

And that was how it began. Two attractive people, trapped in a metal container, hurtling through the sky for the next seven hours, unable to sleep, unable to leave. He was an off-duty pilot, travelling from London to Los Angeles for a few days break, while she was a twenty five year old, moderately successful actress, hoping for an opportunity in film in Hollywood, like thousands of young women before her.

He pressed the call button, and when the flight attendant approached, ordered champagne for them both. She did not demur. They chatted, and two further glasses of bubbly appeared, as if by magic, and the woman began to feel very mellow; especially coming on top of the two glasses of wine with dinner and the pre-dinner cocktail. She laughed a little more readily and her eyes sparkled. The man leaned over towards her and spoke quietly into her ear.

“You are very beautiful, especially when you laugh. But I expect you hear that all the time.”

She was feeling a little giddy, and very relaxed, in this man’s charming company.

“Not as often as you might think, so thank you for that. I spend a lot of time in the company of other actors, and some of them are rather competitive when it comes to external beauty.”

“Well I can assure you that you are one of the most beautiful women that I have had on a flight.”

“But I don’t think you have had me on any of your flights, have you?”

It was said quite innocently, but as soon as the words were expressed, she realised that both his and her words were open to misinterpretation. He laughed quietly, and stroked her hand.

“No I don’t believe I have, but the night is still young.”

An unmistakeable tremor passed though her body, and she knew that she was being primed for something, and the thought excited her. There was a time for being sensible, and a time for being a little wild, and tonight she felt a little wild. She decided to throw up the dice and see where it landed, and, decision made, she leaned over and kissed him gently on the side of his face. He turned and his lips met hers, soft, warm and slightly moist from the champagne. His tongue slipped between her lips, exploring the moist depths beyond, and she wondered what his tongue would feel like exploring those other lips between her thighs. She suspected she was about to find out, and shivered expectantly.

He withdrew his tongue and whispered into her ear.

“Would you like to see where pilots go to sleep on the plane?”

“Yes”, she whispered back. Hell, live dangerously. What could go wrong on a plane; surrounded by hundreds of people? Her heart beat a little faster and she could feel dampness in her panties.

He rose and walked down the darkened gangway, and she followed him silently and without hesitation, until he came to a curtained area, out of sight, but not out of sound, of the passengers in First Class, most of whom seemed to be sound asleep in their comfortable sleeping pods. He spoke quietly from outside the curtain.

“You there, Johnny?”

A few seconds later a tousled head popped through the curtain, and grinned when he saw the woman.

“Hey, Rich. They said you were aboard. How you doing man?”

“I’m good. I have a beautiful lady here to meet you.”

He drew her to his front and put his arms around her, gently stroking her breasts, so the message to his friend was loud and clear. Johnny smiled.

“So you would like me to vacate my bunk, I guess?”

Rich grinned back at him.

“Oh that might not be necessary, buddy. I am sure the lady would not mind sharing the bunk with us both.”

He nuzzled the woman’s ear, and she smiled in recognition of what he was proposing. Her voice was slightly hoarse and he could feel a tremble run through her body, as she gave her reply.

“I guess that would be okay with me, if it is okay with you guys.”

As if the sun did not rise each morning; a silly statement to have made, she thought.

“Oh, I’m sure that it will be fine with us both.” Johnny nuzzled against her neck, while Rich pulled back the curtain and, reaching out his hand, pulled the woman on to the bunk.

“Let’s get you out of these clothes, so they don’t get messed up, shall we? Perhaps you could give me a hand, Johnny?”

As she sat on the bed she was undressed from both sides, swiftly, but gently, until she was naked between them. The two men swiftly divested themselves of their own clothes, until all three were naked. It all seemed so rehearsed, as though they had done this before. And perhaps they had. She did not care.

“Here, lay back against my chest, sweetie.”

While Rich sat at one end of the bunk, putting his arms around her naked body and began to massage her breasts with his hands, Johnny began to stroke her inner thighs. He looked into her eyes.

“You are so beautiful and you are so sexy.”

He lifted her knees, so her legs were bent and gently pushed them apart, before dipping down with his mouth to sample her hidden wares. She gasped as his lips made contact with her skin, and she wished they could proceed more slowly, so that she could savour the experience, but they did not have the luxury of time and space. The speed and urgency of the two men actually added to the excitement she felt at this double invasion of her body.

She was soon aroused, and moisture began to seep from her, as his tongue went to work. The tip of it touched her clit, making her suck in air and groan, so Rich leaned over and planted his mouth over hers, as much to muffle her sounds as to kiss her. No sense in waking the First Class passengers. He kissed her hard and whispered into her ear.

“Why don’t you get up onto your hands and knees, and then all three of us can be happy.”

She guessed what he had in mind, and her heart was pounding with the adrenaline that was coursing around her body. She had never felt so aroused as she was at that moment, so abandoned, so wanton. There was no question of her being manipulated by the two men; SHE was the driving force, the woman who gloried in being a wanton slut, and proud to be so. The two men, she felt, were her erotic accomplices. The power was entirely hers; to continue or to stop, the decision was in her hands, and she had absolutely no plans to bring the event to an end before she had felt two men inside her that night.

She moved swiftly to her hands and knees and brought her lips to Johnny’s erection, so strong and solid in front of her face. She ran her tongue over the tip and down his cock to his balls, and then reversed direction, taking her tongue back along his smooth length, before opening her mouth and taking him inside. He sighed audibly as she began to work her magic with her mouth.

Rich chose that moment to slip his equally solid cock, swiftly covered with a condom, into her from the other end. The feeling as it slid effortlessly inside her and continued until it could reach no further, was exquisite. Her arousal was making her feel light-headed. Perhaps the blood was rushing from her brain to her sexual core, she wondered, as he plunged deep within her, a hand on each hip.

She began to mirror Rich’s action with the cock in her mouth. As he pushed into her, so she pushed her mouth as far down Johnny’s cock as she was able. She could not claim to be an expert in the art of fellatio, but she was a very enthusiastic amateur, and she was certain her efforts were being appreciated, as Johnny squeezed her breasts each time she deep-throated him. Perhaps it was to distract him from calling out his pleasure?

Fortunately, the noise of the aircraft drowned out most of the sighs and groans that escaped from each of them, as they hurtled towards their individual peaks. Rich began to squeeze and massage her clit as he slid in and out of her, until she could hold back no longer and came suddenly and violently, in a way she had never experienced before. In fact, if her mouth had not been so full of Johnny’s cock, she might well have shrieked ‘Allelujah’ as she came with a force that sent trembles to the furthest reached of her body.

Being aware that his two bedfellows had left him behind brought Johnny rushing to his climax too, as he came into her mouth, and the woman obligingly swallowed it all, even licking him clean at the end. He bent forward and kissed her on the lips, tasting himself as he did so.

“Baby, that was the best rest break I have ever had.”

There was no time for cocktails and chit chat at the end of this party. The urgency was for the captain to get back into his uniform to resume flying the plane when his rest period ended, and for the two passengers to resume their seats before the flight attendants began to serve breakfast.

Five minutes later they were back in their seats, as the light in the cabin began to increase, and people started to awake. Rich began to speak.

“I’m sorry, you must think me very rude, but I never even asked your name. I’m Richard.”

The woman shot out her hand to shake his.

“I’m Rose, pleased to meet you”, before collapsing in giggles as she realised the absurdity of shaking the hand of a man whose cock had minutes ago been in her mouth.

“Am I now a member of the Mile High Club?” she asked, smiling.

“Oh, I think you have graduated way beyond the Mile High Club, Rose. In fact we should perhaps open a new club. How about we call it the Mile High Menage Club?” he asked with a wink. “It’s a much more exclusive club.”

As the plane landed in Los Angeles, the voice of the captain came over the speaker.

“I hope you have all had a pleasant journey with us today, because I most certainly have. On behalf of the crew I would like to wish you goodbye, and I hope you enjoy your stay in Los Angeles, especially the beautiful lady in first class.”

Rose blushed a little, as a couple of male faces turned to look at her, as being the obvious candidate for the captain’s remark, before lifting up her chin and putting on her most captivating smile. Richard winked at her.

“That’s my girl; if you’ve got it, why not flaunt it? Always leave with a smile on your face.”

They stood to collect their bags from the overhead locker.

“Where are you staying in LA, Rose?”

“The Four Seasons.”

“Well that is a coincidence, because that happens to be my hotel too, and, if I’m not mistaken, I think that this will be where the crew will be staying also. Perhaps you, me and Johnny can get together later for dinner, with perhaps an unusual dessert, if you are up for that?”

Rose grinned.

“Yes, I’d like that. I’d like that very much.”

Image: Shutterstock

If you have enjoyed this story, please leave a comment below, or why not check out my books, including my newest one, That Day At The Lake at Amazon

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