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The Seduction of Aphrodite - a short, erotic story

(Unsuitable for under 18s)

I first saw Serena in a Paris flea market and I knew in an instant that I wanted her, completely and utterly. She was everything I found attractive in a woman; slim, but with soft curves of her breasts and buttocks; with thick, lustrous, long brown hair and a face that made me catch my breath for a moment as I studied it from a distance of just a few feet. Her lips were full and luscious, and her eyes were large and brown, with long lashes, and I could visualize those lips around my cock as she looked up at me with those big, brown eyes. All I might wish for now was that she was submissive enough for me to bend her over the end of my bed and whip her until her round, smooth bottom was glowing red. Ah yes, the tantalising thought of taking such a young woman into my world of erotic dreams, to a place where pleasure and pain joined together in a crescendo of such magnificence that the gods would be envious.

She looked up at me for a moment, aware that I had been studying her, before her eyes dropped down in a naturally submissive manner. My heart leapt as I contemplated that I might have found the woman I had been searching for since my arrival in Paris over a year earlier. There was no reason to believe that France’s capital would be the place that I would find this goddess, who would fulfil my deepest fantasies, but my inner romantic decided that if such a woman was not in this city of romance, then she did not exist at all.

The woman had been looking at a twelve-inch marble statue of the Greek goddess Aphrodite, for sale on one of the many stalls. The statue was a little grubby and had a couple of chips on it, but this goddess of love, beauty, pleasure and desire was still stunning in her sensual naked beauty. I thought it a good omen.

“She is beautiful, is she not?”

The woman looked up at me, and smiled timidly. Her voice was little more than a whisper.

“Yes, she is. But she is too expensive for me to buy.”

“What is the vendor asking for it?”

“Four hundred euros. He says that if it was not damaged it would be worth a thousand or more. But even four hundred is too much for me.”

I knew that the statue was not even worth two hundred, but in the spirit of generosity and because this delightful creature in front of me was mesmerising, and I wanted to spend time with her, I turned to the seller.

“I will pay 250 euros for the statue.”

The man thought for a few seconds, before agreeing the sale. He knew he was getting a good deal. I picked up the statue and could not resist running my hand down the marble goddess’s back, buttocks and legs, all the time looking intently into the eyes of the other goddess standing in front of me. She blushed, understanding the secret message I had transmitted.

“I would like to give this statue to you, but in return I would like to take you for a coffee. Would that be acceptable.”

I did not expect her to refuse, and she did not disappoint, smiling shyly, and nodding her head.

“You are very kind to buy it for me, and I would be glad to go for a coffee.”

I picked up the statue and we walked a hundred yards to a corner café, with tables and chairs along the pavement outside, where we sat. I ordered two coffees and placed the statue in the middle of the table.

“What is your name?”

I spoke kindly, but in a tone that indicated that I was not in the mood for trivial flirting games. I was looking for a submissive, and I could see no point in not laying my cards on the table right from the start.


“My name is Christopher. You are very beautiful, Serena. But I expect that every man you meet tells you that. What are you doing in Paris?”

“I’m a model, and I came for the spring fashion shows, but I decided to stay on for a while.”

“I see; and what is the fascination with Aphrodite here?”

I pulled the statue towards me, and once again ran my hand over the marble goddess’ glorious curves, wishing that I were running my hand over Serena’s curves instead. I lusted for her, but I was wary of frightening her away by pushing too soon. She lifted her head a little, but her gaze still seemed slightly wary, as though she was not sure of the price I might yet extract for the gift of the statue. Her big, brown eyes were circled by the most wonderful, thick, brown eyelashes, which I felt sure were natural and not fake. In fact, there seemed little that was fake about this woman. She was pure, natural woman from the tips of her toes to the top of her glorious mane of glossy hair.

“I didn’t know she was called Aphrodite. I just saw it and knew that I wanted it more than anything I have ever wanted before.”

“She is a Greek goddess who had many lovers, and she is seen by many to be the goddess of love and passion.”

I reached out my hand and took hers in mine; gently running my finger over the back and feeling the soft, smooth skin.

“Do you believe in love and passion, that can send you wild with desire, Serena?”

She looked a little startled. “I…I think so.”

I raised her hand to my mouth and kissed it gently.

“Perhaps we can have dinner tonight and we can discuss it further.”

She agreed to meet me at my hotel, the George V, off the Champs-Élysees, at seven pm, and, as an encouragement for her to come I told her that I would take the statue back with me and she could collect it this evening.

“I will take good care of her in your absence, Serena. Oh, and when you come tonight, leave your underwear at home, will you?”

She looked a little surprised, but not shocked, and gave a slight nod of the head in response. It was as though she already knew the direction our relationship would proceed.

That evening, promptly at seven, Serena walked into the George V looking like the goddess Aphrodite herself. She was wearing a gold evening gown that seemed to be spun from the finest of gossamer thread, which floated when she walked, and clung to her perfect body when she paused. Every eye, both male and female, was on her as she walked gracefully towards me, and my loins stirred at the thought that if my plans came to fruition, that perfect body would become mine before the evening’s end. Her smile, on seeing me rise from my chair, was pure radiance, as though I was the only man in the room. Was it genuine? I believed so, although the modelling world can often attract beauties with empty minds and insincere emotions. However, in my judgement, she was genuinely pleased to see me.

I kissed her on both cheeks, in the Parisian way, and led her into the restaurant, where I had reserved the best table. The sight of Serena’s bottom sashaying across the restaurant was sufficient to have waiters coming from all directions to pull out our chairs and produce menus and a wine list. Having satisfied their curiosity, they retreated to a polite distance.

“Well you seem to have reduced the waiting staff to blubbering wrecks.”

Her eyes flickered downwards, and she looked a little nervous, unsure if her being the centre of attention annoyed me. But I was far from annoyed. Nothing pleased me more than being with the most beautiful woman in the room, to the envy of all around, especially when I was certain that she had responded to my request with regard to her underwear; or lack of, to be more accurate.

We ate dinner of oysters and steak Diane, accompanied by the best champagne that a hotel of the calibre of the George V was able to serve, as we chatted about this and that, but nothing of any great consequence.

“I have arranged for dessert and coffee to be served in my suite.”

I did not ask or demand that she accompany me there, but I think she already knew that she would do as I wished. At any rate, she did not demur. Our walk through the restaurant was again accompanied by open looks of desire and envy, at least from the male diners, and some of the female ones too it has to be said, and I felt honoured and slightly smug to be the man who was about to take this beautiful woman to his suite. Were the men able to read my mind about what I wished to do with my Aphrodite goddess once there, I suspect that there would be a queue willing to accompany me. But I intended to keep this goddess for my own use only.

We entered the suite, furnished in traditional Louis XV style, with walls of white and gold, and elaborate chandeliers. I loved to stay at this hotel, to be transported back to the elegance of the pre-revolutionary era. Already placed on the glass-topped table was a dish of strawberries with a bowl of chocolate sauce, together with a pot of coffee and porcelain cups and saucers, placed there just moments before our arrival. There are many things that money can buy, and one of them is attention to detail. Everything on the table was artfully placed, with a single white camellia placed next to the strawberries. And next to the fruit was the statue of Aphrodite, in all her nubile and naked glory.

I took Serena’s hand and led her towards the table.

“Do you like strawberries?”

“Yes, I love them, especially dipped in chocolate.”

I was glad that she was not the type of model who lives on lettuce leaves and black coffee. I have met those before and it is painful to watch them push their salad around the plate, terrified to let it pass their lips. Although Serena had only eaten small portions at dinner, at least she seemed to get pleasure from eating, which, in my experience at least, meant that she would also get pleasure from taking other meaty objects into her mouth. And I had high hopes that one such meaty object would pass through her lips before the evening was over.

“Why don’t we sit and eat some strawberries?”

I sat on one of the chairs at the table, and Serena went to sit at the other.

“No, not the chair. Why don’t you kneel by the side of my chair and I will feed you some strawberries.”

I pointed down to the carpeted area at the side of my chair, and, after a brief pause, she complied without protest. All was proceeding as I had hoped.

I picked up a large, juicy strawberry and dipped the end into the chocolate, then brought it close to her luscious lips, which parted in expectation of receiving the fruit into her mouth. But instead of placing it straight in, I ran the tip of the fruit along her lips, so that they were covered with chocolate. Her tongue came out immediately to lick the chocolate from her mouth, and the erotic sight of it running along her lips made my cock harden. Her mouth remained open and I held the strawberry closer so that she could bite into it, but not take the whole fruit in one piece. Instead, she bit into the fruit and the red juice ran down her chin a little.

She was about to use her tongue to lick her chin.

“Don’t. Let it stay. But I think we should remove that beautiful gown so that it does not become stained.”

I reached down and slowly pulled up the sides of the gold dress. Serena raised herself up on her knees to allow it to slither over her hips and bottom, lifting it over her bare breasts, until I took it over her head and let it float to the carpet. She was completely naked underneath, exactly as I had instructed. I paused for a moment to appreciate the beauty that was placed before me, and gently pushed her lustrous hair back from her shoulders.

“You have a truly beautiful body,” I whispered into her ear, before kissing her shoulder. She merely smiled and did not reply. No doubt she had heard such appreciative remarks before, from previous lovers.

I resumed feeding her the strawberries, but on the fourth one, instead of taking it to her mouth, I lowered my hand and wiped some of the chocolate on to her breasts.

“Oh dear, I seem to have missed your mouth. I think I should clean up the mess I have made.”

I bent and licked her nipples and the aureoles, where most of the chocolate was smeared, and her nipples responded to the stimulation of my tongue. With my other hand I took hold of her other breast and gently squeezed. She gave a slight gasp, and I was pleased that she was responsive to my touch, as she shivered slightly when I ran my hand over her soft, seductive, perfect little breasts. I wanted to ravish her completely at that point, but I knew that the first seduction must always be slow and deliberate, so that it can be savoured like a fine wine. I bent down so that my mouth was level with her ear, and my voice was becoming a little hoarse with desire.

“I want to fuck you very much, but first I want to spank you. Would you like to feel my hand on that delicious bottom of yours?”

She looked up, with those long lashes partly over her big, brown eyes, and whispered, “Yes please.”

“Yes please, what?”

“I want you to spank me please.”

“I want you to spank me please, Sir.” My tone was slightly firmer. No sense in not starting as I meant to continue.

“I want you to spank me please, Sir.” Her response was firm and unequivocal.

I stood and took her hand to pull her to her feet, and led her over to a plush, comfortable sofa, where I sat in the centre, gently pulling Serena across my lap. She took a moment to make herself comfortable, and I took a moment to study the most amazing bottom I had seen in my forty years of life. She was even lovelier than Aphrodite, who was gazing at us from the nearby table. Her cheeks were plump and juicy, like a ripe peach, and my cock took another moment to remind me of its presence, as I ran the palm of my hand across the part of a woman’s anatomy that I most lusted after, and which, if there is a God in Heaven, I would have access to in abundance for eternity.

I raised my hand and brought it down crisply on to the right cheek, enjoying both the sound of the contact and the vibration of the flesh. If there is anything better than the spanking of a beautiful woman’s bottom, then I do not want to know of it, for I cannot contemplate being deprived of such pleasures. Serena, for her part, gave a low groan of pleasure, and I knew I had met the woman of my dreams.

I spanked her thoroughly; first to the right and then to the left cheek, waiting a few seconds between each stroke for the effect to penetrate the part of the brain where pleasure lurks, waiting to be released. Her groans became louder, and joined my own heavy breathing, as my cock grew ever harder in response. Her cheeks began to glow deep pink, and I paused to run my hands over the surface to feel the heat. But Serena gave no indication that the spanking was anything but pure pleasure for her, and the glistening of her inner thighs confirmed that pleasure. I continued spanking until her bottom became bright red, and then slipped my fingers between her thighs to feel the extent of her excitement.

“You are enjoying this very much I see.”

Her voice came back breathless and full of desire.

“Please…please…I need…”

“I know what you need Serena. Don’t worry; I will give you what you need. But first I would like you to pleasure me with your mouth. Kneel down, between my legs.”

She slid off my lap and down on to her knees in front of me.

“Open my trousers and get out my cock. It has been waiting for you for some time, and now it wants to come out and play for a while.”

With slightly trembling hands she did as I requested and liberated the erection that had been trying to burst through my zipper for some while, before taking it in both hands and stroking its full length.

“Put it in your mouth and use your tongue.”

The first touch of her tongue was nearly my undoing, but I managed to quell the imminent outpouring and prevent myself from coming sooner than either of us wanted. She licked the full length of me, right from my balls to the tip, before opening her lips wide and taking most of me inside her mouth, and I lay back against the cushions with what must have been an expression of pure pleasure on my face as she took me as close to Paradise as I am likely to come in this lifetime.


I did not want her to stop, but I did not want to come just yet, and I knew that if she continued for much longer I would be past the point of no return. She looked up, unsure whether she had done something wrong.

“Come, I want to fuck you.”

She came up on to the sofa and I placed her on her hands and knees so I could take her from behind. I did not want soft kisses or gentle thrusting. I wanted primitive fucking, raw and passionate. I wanted to put my cock where it had been yearning to be since the moment I met this goddess, and when I did, I knew that here was the place I had wanted to be for so long, and I wanted to take her with me. I thrust my fingers inside her and used another to massage her clitoris until she could delay no more and came with a loud gasp of pleasure.

Then it was the turn for my release; that I had delayed longer than I thought I could. I plunged again and again into that hallowed place, almost completely unaware of anything or anyone in my life to date that mattered as much as this woman did right here and now, and I came with a mighty roar that came from deep within my gut, and with an explosion of such force that I felt sure I would remember for a long time. Here I was with my very own Aphrodite, the goddess of love, beauty, pleasure and desire. I had discovered the beauty, pleasure and desire tonight, and, who knows, I might even find love with her one day.

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