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The Power of Red

A tight-fitting, red satin dress projects a powerful sexual image, as do a pair of succulent, sensual lips, painted a bold, dramatic red. Studies have shown that men are more sexually attracted to a woman wearing red, whether or not that woman is also beautiful.

Red is the colour that most denotes passion. It excites us; it energises us; it is the colour of lust rather than love, and ignites a sexual energy that other colours cannot match.

Walking across a room in heels and a sexy red dress, and with bold, red lips, makes women feel assertive and confident and makes the men watching her (for they definitely will be watching her) feel energised and stimulated.

The attraction is not just imagined, for, according to scientists at the University of Rochester, New York, there is a neuro-attraction to the colour red in the human brain. As well as the association of red with power (as recognized by centuries of Chinese Emperors) it is also associated with danger and dominance. But does the woman wearing red feel that dominance, or does that feeling belong to the man who watches as she sashays confidently across the room?

So perhaps, ladies, it is time to dig out that red dress from the wardrobe and pair it with the killer heels and the bold, red lipstick, and prepare for action. That is assuming you can take the consequences!

Picture by Shutterstock

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