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Do we really know what happens behind other people’s front doors? After an unpleasant event in her parish in Liverpool, Grace Bennett takes a job in the quiet Oxfordshire town of Swinbury as the vicar of the local church. The Bishop thinks it will be the ideal place for her to recover her confidence and forget what happened in her earlier post. Little did they know the dramas she would encounter.


One by one, the characters who make up some of the townspeople are revealed to us. Some are native born; others arrive to be with friends and family in the town. We meet a retired British journalist—a former foreign correspondent, who grew up in the town and had a difficult childhood there—and her lover, an American man who was once a member of the US Special Forces, and subsequently became a war photographer; a teenage couple, still at school, who meet tragedy at an early stage in their lives; a female murderer, now released from jail; a local builder who falls in love with her; a US former soldier who comes seeking revenge against the man he thought had abandoned him behind enemy lines; his daughter, a New York student, who loves him, no matter what; a woman who turned to drink after her daughter was killed; and a young woman whose life is transformed by a heart transplant. These characters, and a few minor ones, exist in isolation, until they are gradually drawn together as events unfold.


This is a slow intermingling of people whose lives are more unusual than you might think. They contain love, loss, happiness and tragedy. But then, knock on the doors of houses near you. You may uncover just as many fascinating stories behind closed doors. Their stories will warm your heart.

Do any of us know what goes on behind other people’s front doors?


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From the moment I first looked into his eyes, I knew I was in trouble. He was a man I found impossible to resist—someone who drew me in like a moth towards the light. He found the part of me that craved the enticement he offered. But our relationship was forbidden. He was my university English Professor and he paid a high price for our affair. But would I pay an even higher price if we never met again?



I knew I should have walked away, but I was weak. At first it was just the thrill of the illicit sex. But it became so much more—until disaster struck. Our lives were destined to intertwine, but the timing was never right. Had I had lost the love of my life? Could I ever recapture the feelings I only had with her?


Note: This book contains some explicit sex and some spanking. If this offends you, please do not buy.

He was willing to teach and she was eager to learn

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Read this book if you want to dive into a very intelligent, thoughtful, erotic, evocative, thrilling and moving story. I definitely want to read a lot more of Rachel's work thanks to this stellar piece of fiction!


This is a wonderful book. The story spans twenty years and envelops the reader so completely that by the time you reach the last page, you don't want to leave.

The settings and descriptions are also what one comes to expect from Rachel de Vine's skilled writing, and I particularly loved the London moments and the excitement surrounding the publishing world a writer only dreams of! The English Professor has some beautifully written erotic moments as well, but it's its story line and secondary characters that make de Vine's novels stand out among her peers. She is an adept story-teller, and this one has it all! A satisfying summer read of substance!


This is a bittersweet passage of time novel, one of my favorite formats in literature. I will not give away the story. It’s a page turner, beautifully written, loving, erotic, happy and sad. Well done, Rachel de Vine. You had me wondering more than once if this was a memoir.



He might have killed her, but he fell in love with her instead.

Finding herself alone again, after a passionate three-way romance, Sabine is overjoyed to make a fresh start in the South of France with a new job and a new man. It is 1961, and the post-war world is changing fast. Rich people begin flocking to the French Riviera in search of the good life. But criminals are also attracted to this new source of money. Russia is still a closed Communist state, but some are able to bribe their way in and out of the country for the rich pickings of the Mediterranean life. Sabine’s life comes crashing down, when she finds herself a pawn in a power game, and is taken hostage by a gang of Russian criminals. There begins the most tumultuous year of her life. A year packed with love and tragedy. This is a fast-paced, hot and steamy story, that will have you on the edge of your seat, as Sabine tries to overcome danger and heartache. Will she ever find her rainbow’s end?


Sabine is the follow-on book to Nothing to Regret, but can be read as a standalone. 




I was led to the desk, where I stood and faced this man, my two guards at either side of me, as though they were there to prevent me lunging across the desk at my captor. I wasn’t that foolish. I judged the slight bulge under his jacket to be a gun. Whether he was prepared to use it, I was unsure, but didn’t plan to find out.

He looked up at me, removing his spectacles, with which he had been reading some documents, and placing them on the desk in front of him. Resting back in the chair he studied me for a few seconds, before speaking.

“So, you are Sabine. My men were right when they described you as beautiful. But then I would expect Alexis to want only the best.”

While he talked, he watched me intently, and I stared back, just as intently. I remained silent, so he continued talking.

“You have spirit, I see. Are you not afraid of me?” He spoke excellent French, with a Russian accent.

“Should I be afraid of you?” 

He laughed quietly. 

“Under different circumstances, you would be the kind of woman who I would like in my bed. I can’t bear women who wail and cry at every little misfortune. I find them most tiresome.”

I didn’t wait for permission to speak. “Why am I here? What do you want of me? Are you expecting a ransom for me?”

He put his head back and laughed. “How much do you think you are worth, as a ransom?” I didn’t reply, so he continued talking. “100,000 Francs, maybe? Or perhaps more than that? If I were to take you back to Russia, I’m sure I could find someone who would pay such a large amount of money for you. However, that’s not why you are here.”

“Well then, why am I here? It’s obviously to do with Alexis. Is it connected with him being attacked at the Casino, and the fire at the hotel?”

He didn’t reply, but merely issued some instructions in Russian to the two men, before turning back to me. 

“You must be bored, down there in the cellar. I’ve told the men to get hold of some reading material for you. I assume you enjoy romances—all women like to fantasise. Or do you prefer something a little more…enticing…perhaps?” His eyes glinted, and I knew what he was inferring. I felt my cheeks go warm, and I was angry with myself for losing my bravado somewhat. He just laughed. 

“Is there anything else I can get for you? Do you paint by any chance?”

“Yes, I do.”

“Well then, I will provide you with some painting materials. My intention is not to make you suffer while you are here. I will also allow you a short walk outside every day, for some exercise. But bear in mind my men are armed, just in case you think this will give you an opportunity to escape.”

He appeared to have done with me, and replaced his reading spectacles, returning to the papers on his desk. The man to my left jabbed me on the arm, as a signal for me to turn and leave. I had just reached the door when my captor called my name. I stopped and turned around.

“You may eat with me this evening. I’ll have the men bring you up at seven.” Then he returned to his papers, and I was dismissed.

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Beatrice is fresh from university, determined to become a writer, but feels her life in 1950s England, as the daughter of a rural vicar, ill-equips her emotionally to become one. She decides, just ten years after a major world war has ravaged Europe, to travel alone around the continent, to not only discover a life outside her protected bubble, but to discover herself.


Arriving in France in 1955, she meets Sabine, a beautiful, older French woman and her lover, Charles, an Englishman, who has lived in France for many years. Both Charles and Sabine are captivated by the beautiful, but naïve and sexually innocent English girl, and Beatrice is willingly drawn into a three-way steamy love affair with the two. 


But Charles, although charismatic, is sometimes moody and melancholic—a relic from his dysfunctional childhood. He falls desperately in love with Beatrice—with tempestuous results. When all seems lost, and Beatrice is in despair, help reaches her from an unexpected source. Another man is waiting in the wings to pick up the pieces.


The story, although describing the three way love affair in steamy details, is essentially a love story, with an emotional centre that will tug at your heart strings as it ranges from love, passion and joy, to despair, anger and pain.


l learned so much about sex in the summer and autumn of 1955. I spent a lot of time with Sabine and Charles and changed immensely from the girl who had come to France straight from university, with so little experience of life, love or anything, really. I wrote to my parents to assure them I was well, but I revealed very little about my life in St Etienne, and nothing about the people I now spent so much time with. 

I started writing in earnest, too. It was as though Charles and Sabine had unlocked my inner soul and set it free. They were happy that I was now writing, but never intruded to ask to see my work. I’d already filled two notebooks, and was well into the third. My book was beginning to take shape. At some point I would have to consider getting a typewriter, or paying someone to type up my story. But I was a long way from having work I wanted to show the world.


I felt completely at ease in a relationship with both a man and a woman at the same time. Until meeting Sabine, I could honestly say that I had never thought of another woman in a sexual way. Not that I thought of men in that way much, either. You could say that I was unawakened sexually until coming to St Etienne. Yet with Sabine it all seemed so natural. The strange thing was, however, that we never had sex when it was just the two of us. Charles always had to be present to act as the catalyst. 

From innocence to maturity, in a few pas
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