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An Interview with Marianne Delaney - world famous model

Marianne Delaney is one of the most beautiful and photographed models in the world. She lives every young girl’s dream. Or does she? I interviewed the top model to find out all about her life.

Q. Thank you for talking to me today, Marianne. Can I start by asking you who is the real Marianne Delaney? You are not known for giving interviews to the press.

A. I'm not sure that even I know the real me. My life had changed so often since I was 'discovered' at the age of fifteen, while walking down the King's Road in Chelsea, and within two years I was pictured on the covers of all the glossy magazines. It all happened so quickly. One day I was a fairly ordinary London schoolgirl, and the next I was travelling the world and being wined and dined by the world's glitterati. I think the real me is still the young girl who wonders what people see in me that I cannot see myself.

Q. What is your background, Marianne—your family?

A. I never knew my father. I used to make up stories about him as though I was inventing the father I would have liked. Perhaps it was the lack of a father that made me search for a fatherly figure in my life, a search that has only brought fleeting happiness. My mother was largely indifferent to me, and I left home when my stepfather started to bother me, sexually. I don’t have brothers or sisters, and I no longer have contact with any other family.

Q. You must have met many interesting and handsome men as a top model?

A. Mostly, they were older, successful and wealthy men who bought me champagne and dinner and then thought they owned me. Some of them were very powerful, men you wouldn’t want to cross for fear of the consequences. A few were kind, but many were not. I sometimes wondered if the fault lay with me. Did I do or say things to attract the wrong type of man? Did I give off the wrong vibes, or was I simply unlucky? I had no idea. One of my experiences was quite awful. He flew me from London to the South of France just for dinner, and I must admit I was bowled over by him. However, the price he extracted from me was more than I wanted to pay. I had a lucky escape from him.

Q. So you didn't find the man of your dreams?

A. I thought I had when I met an older man, a photographer called Chad. He was dominant, sexually, and he first showed me the attraction of a BDSM lifestyle. He recognised the submissive in me. I had a wonderful time with him in New York. But it wasn’t to be. It was very sad—I don’t really want to talk about it.

Q. Very well, I won’t press you. So when did you meet the man you are now with?

A. Ah, William. He is wonderful. We met at Heathrow Airport. We were both travelling to New York. He came to sit next to me on the plane, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Q. When did you know that he was the man for you?

A. I was hugely attracted to him from the beginning. He’s twelve years older than me, and is the owner of a successful publishing company. He seemed a very powerful, charismatic man, but one who exercised his power in an understated way. I couldn't imagine him losing his cool and shouting. Some sixth sense also told me that he was a dominant man, especially in bed, and perhaps I shouldn’t tell you this, but the thought brought a spasm and dampness between my legs.

Q. That’s very frank of you, Miss Delaney. Might I ask if you are in what we call a D/s relationship? Or am I being too inquisitive?

A. That’s all right. I’m not embarrassed to admit that we have that sort of relationship. But William is very loving and gentle too. He and I both enjoy a very ‘interesting’ private relationship. But he would never humiliate or abuse me in any way. Everything we do together is consensual. He fulfils a very deep need in me, and we love each other. If you want to know more, then you must read my book.

Juliette: I can see, Miss Delaney, that you don’t want to go into too much detail about your relationship, but I can see that you are happy. Thank you very much for talking to us. Perhaps your partner, William, would agree to be interviewed by us?

Marianne: I asked him, and he said “Not in a million years!” As you can see, he has very strong opinions on some matters.

Marianne has written about her life as a model, and here is a saucy snippet from her book, Out of the Darkness.


As we arrived in New York, William seemed anxious to continue what had been ignited between us. "So where are you staying in New York, Marianne?"

I gave him a smile, withdrawing from my memories. "My agency has booked me into The Pierre on 5th Avenue. It's where I usually stay when I come over."

"Ah, that raises an interesting dilemma. I’m booked into the Plaza, the Royal Plaza suite, no less. It's close to yours, but not close enough for me. My suite has three bedrooms. That would be one for me, one for you, and a third, which we could share, could we not? I think we could have a very pleasurable time together, Miss Marianne Delaney. Does that sound an interesting proposition to you?"

It sounded so much more than an interesting proposition. I wanted to be cool and collected and at least give the pretense that I was mulling it over, but the sheer power of his dominant masculinity was too much for me. I was lost. I didn't need to say anything. William Northcroft already knew that I was his for the taking.

We checked through Customs and retrieved our luggage, and minutes later we were in the back seat of a limousine, gliding through the traffic from JFK airport towards Manhattan. William spoke to someone, probably his secretary, on his cell phone.

"Cassandra, can you contact the Pierre Hotel in New York and tell them that one of their guests, a Miss Marianne Delaney, will not be requiring the room she had booked. Would they please cancel the reservation and transfer any calls and enquiries to me at The Plaza. Yes, I have just arrived. Thank you."

That business taken care of, William then turned his whole attention to me. "You called me 'Sir' on the plane. Was that intentional, or did it just slip out?"

"I... I suppose it just seemed natural to me," I stammered. I had? I couldn't remember.

"Good. You can continue to call me Sir if you wish. Or you can call me William. I don't mind."

My voice was reduced to almost a whisper. "Thank you, Sir."

He reached over and took my hand. "I take it you’ve been in situations like this before?"

I refused to give in to the flush of tears, still fresh from my foray into memories. "Well I... yes, I have, but not always with a good end result. I’m a little nervous, Sir."

"And so you should be, Marianne. But don't worry, you can trust me. I won't take us anywhere you don't want to go. You’ll be safe with me."

He looked at me with his intense eyes and I felt safe. He was not another Leon.

"So, you like to play hard, do you? When you said that to me, my cock became rock hard, and it’s still hard now." He drew my hand across and placed it on his lap. He hadn’t exaggerated.

He leaned over and ran the back of his finger lightly down my cheek. "You really are exquisite. Some models look good from a distance, but don't stand the test of close proximity. But you, Marianne, have the looks that could send a man insane. The lovely thing is that I don't think you are even aware of the effect you have on a man, and particularly on his cock."

He reached for the buttons at his side and immediately the glass panel between the driver and us became opaque.

"I think that perhaps you might relieve some of the pressure in my cock. Why don't you slide down here between my legs and put those luscious lips of yours around it."

I didn't hesitate. I wanted to give myself to this striking, charismatic man. We had only met hours before, yet my body was buzzing with excitement. I was his for the taking. I went down on my knees and gently removed his cock from his pants. It was big and thick and solid as a rock. I licked the tip and then swirled my lips around the end before slipping it into my warm, ready mouth. I heard a sigh from above but I didn’t look up. I was concentrating on giving this man the best blowjob I could give.

It lasted nearly all the way to the hotel, and I was impressed by William's staying power. He timed it so that, just a block away from the Plaza, he exploded into my mouth and held his cock there until I’d swallowed all his seed. I licked every last trace from his cock, and he then produced a clean handkerchief and bent over and wiped my face until, although a little flushed, my complexion was restored to cleanliness. Just at that moment the car glided to a halt outside the hotel. His timing had been immaculate.

"Well that is a much more pleasurable way to travel than looking at boring e-mails." He smiled at me, and I knew that I was in for a very interesting few days in New York.

Out of the Darkness is now on Amazon at:

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About Juliette Banks:

I write erotic romance as both Juliette Banks and Rachel de Vine, and love to write about sensual, romantic and erotic characters who lead interesting lives, and who often have to overcome challenges along the way. I prefer to write erotic romance, rather than straight erotica, because I am essentially a romantic person, but I also like to involve my characters in an exciting life of Dominance and submission at different levels.

I am British, love the rural life and live in a beautiful home in the middle of the rolling English countryside. I also like to travel around the world from time to time, and have visited some beautiful and exciting places on the way. I am forever grateful that I was born in a place and at a time to take advantage of the freedoms and pleasures that are still denied to many people of the world. We must never take such freedom for granted.

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