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The Hitch-hiker (Part 4 - the final part of my free erotic story)

(Not suitable for under 18s)

I must be stark, staring crazy, thought Hermes to himself as he stepped off the plane from London at Nice Airport, and headed for the car hire desk. I take time off from my job, jump on the first plane and head off after a brief call from a crazy hitch hiking kid, just because she gives gold-plated, grade A fucks and looks as beautiful as anyone I have ever met. Well, when he put it like that…

Thank goodness for smart phones and GPS technology. At least he had been able to track her whereabouts, provided she had not moved on from there. He had no idea what he would find when he reached that place. Would he be expected to break in and rescue her, or was her panicked call simply Jez being overly dramatic? If she had him down here on a wild goose chase, well she certainly would not be sitting on that lovely bottom of hers any time soon after he had finished with it. And even if she had not been exaggerating, then he was still inclined to give her a spanking she would not forget for putting herself in danger like that.

Hermes put the co-ordinates into the navigation system in the car and headed off along the coastal road, past luxury villas and views of the Mediterranean to die for, although perhaps that phrase was not the best one to use under the circumstances. If, as Jez’s message indicated, there were only one man and a woman involved, he was sure that he could extricate her without too much trouble. He kept himself fit and had been a teenage boxing champion, even if that was a good few years ago now. Just as extra insurance, he had taken a large spanner from his toolbox and wrapped it up in the check-in bag, which he had now retrieved. He stuck it down one side of his jeans and underneath the lightweight jacket he was wearing. It didn’t hurt to have some backup on occasions like this.

It took thirty minutes of driving and his satnav showed that he was getting close to his destination. The road had become less built up, and now the houses were more isolated, with patches of woodland between each property. He slowed at a large, electrically operated gate, through which he could see quite an imposing house with a Daimler and an Italian sports car parked in front. The satnav told him that he had reached his destination, and he slowed just past the gate, so as not to be seen from the house. He pulled off the road and parked the car, locking the doors and checking that the spanner was secure in his waistband. If it turned out that this was a wild goose chase and the occupants turned out to be entirely innocent, he had a heck of a lot of explaining to do. He might even land up in jail. Was it really worth it for a woman he had spent a mere twenty-four hours with? Clearly it was, for he headed back to the gate and peered through to see if there was a sign of anyone.

It was early afternoon now, so there should be someone around. Should he press the bell and talk his way inside the gates, maybe with a story about a road accident? Or should he just climb over the gates and head for the house, and take a chance? He decided to take the first option and rang the bell. There was no reply, and he rang it again, for several seconds. This time the speakerphone crackled and a stern, female voice came on.

“Oui. Qu’est ce que tu veux?”

“I’m sorry, Ma’am. I am English. I have had an accident in my car. Can you help me please?”

“What do you want me to do? I am alone here and I am very elderly.”

“May I come inside and use your phone please? I cannot get a signal on my mobile phone. I need to call an ambulance for my passenger.”

The woman hesitated for a moment.

“I cannot let you in, but I will telephone for an ambulance for your passenger. How far away are you?”

“I am about 500 yards, sorry, metres, along the road to Nice. Please, I need some towels to stop the bleeding. Please let me in and give them to me. The ambulance might take too long to arrive. I am desperate, please…”

The woman again paused, and he could hear her whispering in French to someone else, despite the fact that she had told him that she was alone. He was becoming convinced that he had arrived at the right place. She spoke to him again.

“Monsieur, I will open the gate. Come to the door and I will bring you some towels, and then I will call the ambulance. I cannot do any more for you I am afraid.”

The electric gates began to open, and as soon as he was able, Hermes squeezed through and ran down the drive. He passed the Daimler and spotted a rucksack on the floor of the passenger seat, and recognized it immediately. That was all the proof he needed.

As he reached the front door, it opened a little way and a woman held out some towels for him. “Here, Monsieur.”

He had no intention of taking them, however. He pushed against the door and the woman staggered backwards. Hermes seized her arm.

“I know she is here. I want to see her.”

The woman began to bluster and tried to act as though she was outraged, but he could tell it was all faked. He wasn’t a man to hurt a woman, but he might make an exception in her case if she had harmed Jez in any way. He gripped the woman’s arm tighter and he could see she was afraid of him. She called out to someone. “Victor, venez ici.”

A door leading into the hallway opened and a man of late middle age, appeared, looking alarmed. He spoke in English.

“Let my wife go and you can take what you want. We do not have much money in the house and her jewels are all in the bank vault.”

“I’m not after your money or your jewels. I want Jez, I know she is here.”

“I don’t understand. Who is Jez?”

Victor tried to look puzzled, but Hermes knew from his expression that he was lying. He moved closer to him, holding Madeleine firmly by the arm, and with his other hand he pulled the large spanner from his waistband. Madeleine gasped.

“I’m not fucking messing. Let Jez go free or I will hurt your wife.”

He hoped he sounded sufficiently menacing, for this type of thing really didn’t come easily to him. The other man looked afraid.

“Don’t hurt my wife. The girl is down here. You can have her.”

“Bring her up here NOW. If you have hurt her, you are going to fucking pay. Bring her up quickly or your wife will lose her front teeth.”

God, he ought to audition for a role as a gangster. He thought he sounded very menacing, and Victor obviously thought so too, as he scurried down the stairs and re-appeared with a naked Jez leading the way. She squealed as soon as she saw her rescuer, and ran towards him.

“Hermes, you came. You got my message. Oh thank God.”

He let go of Madeleine’s arm and caught Jez with both arms, and Madeleine took the opportunity to run to her husband.

“Are you okay? Did they hurt you?”

“I’m okay now you are here. Oh Hermes, you don’t know how glad I am to see you.”

“I’ll call the police. These two want locking up.”

“No don’t, Hermes. Let’s just get out of here.”

Hermes looked a little reluctant to let these two get away with the kidnap, but Jez just seemed desperate to get out of there. However, as they turned for the door he could not resist swinging his giant spanner against a very expensive-looking porcelain vase, which crashed to the floor in a hundred pieces. Then he followed Jez out of the door.

“Just a minute, your pack is still in the Daimler.”

He swung the spanner one more time and smashed the window of the car and retrieved Jez’s bag, setting off the car alarm, before running down the drive after her. The gate was still open and they were able to get back to Hermes car within a minute. Jez did not seem to care that she was running down the road naked, causing one driver to nearly drive off the road into the ditch alongside the road.

Once in the car, Hermes did not wait for Jez to dress, but started the ignition and set off down the road back towards Nice. She was about to put on some panties, but Hermes stopped her.

“Don’t bother putting those on, because you will only have to remove them a way down the road, when I stop to paddle your backside.”

“But Hermes, what have I done?”

He almost bellowed at her.

“What have you done? Do you realise that instead of being in that house with those two, you might have been on your way to a harem in the Middle East, never to be heard of again? You have no idea of the danger you put yourself in, do you?”

Jez had the sense to stay quiet and not give him any more backchat, and by the time they stopped at a remote spot a little way down the road, she had become resigned to her fate. She just hoped he had calmed down somewhat by now. Hermes drove the car out of sight of the road and stopped the engine.

“Get into the back. I need the space.”

Jez did not bother to climb out through the door, but slithered over the top of the seat and landed rather inelegantly on the back seat. Hermes noted that her bottom was already a little red, so guessed that she had already been spanked once today. Perhaps he would be a bit gentler than he had originally planned. He wondered what else had happened to her while she had been in the clutches of Victor and Madeleine, but that was a discussion for later.

He got out of the driver’s seat and got into the back.

“Okay, over my lap, and no backchat from you Miss Jezebel or I will double the count.”

Jez very reluctantly clambered over his lap, and Hermes was pleased to note that there were no scars or marks on her body, other than the redness of her bottom. He had considered taking his belt off to her, but decided that his hand would do on this occasion. He began to bring his large hand down on to her bottom, and within a few strokes Jez began to shout.

“Ouch, ouch, Hermes, it hurts.”

“Good, it’s meant to. Hopefully it will stop you doing anything so stupid in the future.”

He pressed on past twenty, and Jez was then sniffling, and he decided at thirty that she had had enough. He rubbed her bottom a little and then flipped her over so she was sitting on his lap. He put his arms around her and kissed her lightly on her mouth.

“Its okay, punishment’s over. You can have a little cry if you want to, Jez.”

They sat for ten minutes, Jez in Hermes warm embrace, before he decided that they should get back to the airport to drop the car, and decide what they would do next.

Back at the airport Jez put on the shorts from her backpack, the only thing she had to wear, having left her jeans back at the house. Hermes checked the car in and went to find out what flights were available, taking both their passports with him. Jez assumed that Hermes would want to return to London, because of his job, and assumed that she would continue on her way to Lisbon, but when he returned he was holding two tickets from Nice to Lisbon in his hand.

“But what about your job?”

“I have some leave due. I thought I would spend a week in Lisbon with you.”

Jez squealed with delight and gave him a big hug. Then, in the full hearing of anyone in the vicinity, said “I am going to give you such a gold-plated, deluxe fuck in Lisbon, you will think you have died and gone to heaven.”

Hermes grinned.

“We have two hours to spare, so I think we will walk around the airport and see if we can get you a few clothes to take with you. We can’t have you meeting your Dad looking like that.”

Jez’s face fell slightly.

“You think I should go to see him then?”

“Yes, I think you should go to the hospital, make your peace with him before he dies. Then you and I are going to paint the town red.”

Jez’s smile returned. She looked around her, before taking hold of Hermes hand and dragging him towards a nearby toilet. It was a unisex disabled toilet, with more than enough room for them both.

Hermes smiled as Jez hurriedly unfastened his trousers and dropped them down, allowing his already hard cock to spring free. Jez took it in her hand and licked the tip, looking up to Hermes.

“I think it is about time you got your reward for rescuing me, Hermes.”

“Oh I intend to get my reward in Lisbon several times a day, but if you want to start the celebration early, then go for it.”

And go for it she certainly did. Hermes staggered out of the toilet a few minutes later, his eyes still spinning from the pleasure. Jez followed him, a big grin on her face, and caught hold of his hand.

“By the way, my name is Joanne.”

“I know, I saw your passport.”

“So what’s yours?”

“Oh I think we need to have a lot more sex before I will reveal that secret, Jez.”


I hope you enjoyed my little story of Jezebel and Hermes. Why not take a look at my book page while you are here? Or read some of my earlier blogs? Thank you for reading, and take care if you ever decide to hitch-hike. Oh, and let me know below if you enjoyed the story by leaving a comment at the bottom of the page. Thanks.

(Photograph: Shutterstock)

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