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The Hitch-hiker, (part 1) a short erotic story

(This post is unsuitable for under 18s)

The truck screeched to a halt a few yards down the road, and the young woman picked up her backpack and sprinted for the door before the driver changed his mind. It wasn’t as easy to get rides, as it had been in the past. Drivers were as scared of picking up hitchhikers now, as the other way round; any false claims of rape would be devastating to him causing the loss of his job and possible loss of liberty too, if he couldn’t convince a court that the sex was consensual, so many drivers no longer took the risk.

This driver did not care, however. The woman now sprinting to catch him up was gorgeous and worth a risk, he thought. Even if there was nothing in it for him, a few hours spent chatting to a beautiful woman beats driving a boring route with just the radio for company. He leaned over and opened the cab door and a head bobbed into view; long, brown hair, nice smile and a face he wouldn’t mind seeing beneath him on the bed in the cab, with sighs and groans coming from her mouth as he fucked her into next week.

The woman spoke first.

“Hi, where are you going?”

Anywhere with you, was what he wanted to reply, but didn’t.

“Paris, via the ferry at Dover. You?”

“Not certain yet, but Paris sounds good for a first stop.”

“Climb aboard.”

As soon as the cab door closed, he put the vehicle into gear and pulled away from the side of the road.

“So you are not going anywhere in particular?”

“Not really, although I hope to end up in Portugal at some time in the future. In the meantime I plan to go where the fancy takes me. How about you?”

“Sadly I have to earn a living, so I am taking chilled food to Paris, staying overnight, and then loading up with another load to bring back to England. It doesn’t sound as exciting as your plans.”

“Oh I’m sure it has its compensations. Do you pick up many women on the road like this?”

She turned and he was sure that the look that flashed over her face was suggestive. Or was it just wishful thinking on his part?

“What’s your name?”

“Jezebel. Jez for short.”


“No, not really. It’s a name I just made up. But it will do for now.”

“Right. Well then I will call myself …what name shall I use? Any suggestions?”

“How about Hermes? He was the Greek god of the roadways and travellers.”

“Okay, and what was Jezebel famous for, other than being rather flighty?”

“She was a Queen of Israel, but unfortunately she misbehaved and was thrown to her death from a tower and eaten by dogs.”

“That doesn’t sound a good omen for you then, but Hermes, as the God of travellers, will take care of you.”

“Why that is very kind of you. Would you like me to take care of you in return?”

He glanced at her quickly, unsure how exactly to interpret that remark, and was met by a cheeky smile and a wet tongue running over the most kissable lips he had seen for a while. Oh well, nothing ventured…

“Is that offer what I think it is?”

“You can take it any way you want to.”

He returned the smile and his cock immediately perked up at the thought of what might be ahead if his luck held. It was a bit like being back at school as a spotty fifteen year old, when the girls in his class promised much, but delivered little. Except that today it was different. He had a bit more to offer a woman now.

“So a blowjob is not beyond the bounds of possibility?”

“Not at all. I think a blowjob in return for a trip to Paris is a fair price. Want one now?”

“Not so fast. The last time I accepted an offer like that, I nearly crashed the rig, although I can think of worse ways of dying. There’s a place we can stop about twenty miles ahead. We’ve got plenty of time before the ferry.”

She looked pointedly down at his lap.

“I can see that Hermes Junior is eager to come out and play. Would you like me to let him out for you.”

“Hell, woman, you’re making it worse. You had better unfasten my jeans before I bust the zip.”

She reached over and, with expert hands, had him free within seconds, and seemed reluctant to release him from her hand.

“Hmm, quite something you’ve got there, Hermes. Not sure if I can get all of him into my mouth.”

“Fuck, Jez, what are you trying to do to me? If you are not careful I will be shooting my load before you even get those pretty lips anywhere near it.”

She lowered his cock and moved slightly away.

“Sorry. Hermes, I will try and avoid touching or even looking at that magnificent cock. But if you can drive a bit faster, that would be great. In the meantime, what shall we talk about?”

“Tell me why you are headed for Portugal? And why you are taking your time getting there?”

“My Dad lives there, and as I haven’t seen him for five years, I thought perhaps it was about time I called in. The reason why I am not rushing is because I wanted a bit of fun on the road and because I’m not looking forward to seeing him again, so I guess I’m trying to delay the journey a bit. What about you? Is there a Mrs Hermes back at home?”

“No. Not even a girlfriend at present. My job doesn’t make it easy; I’m never at home. But I don’t go short.”

She glanced at his lap again.

“I guess you don’t, with a cock like that.”

He groaned.

“You are not helping.”

“Sorry. It’s kind of hard to ignore it. Sure you don’t want a little massage to keep you going?”

He ignored her, trying to dampen down the ardour so he could reach the truck stop before he shot his load.

“You’re a pretty plain speaking woman, Jez. Do you always get what you ask for?”

“Not always, but I usually say what is on my mind. I’m no shrinking violet.”

“You can say that again. What do you do when you are not accepting lifts?”

“Oh, a bit of this and a bit of that. One thing I have been doing recently is nude modelling for a photographer I know.” She paused briefly. “You don’t think I am on the game do you? Because I can assure you that I don’t accept money, just free lifts. And I wouldn’t say no to a meal later, I’m starving.”

He laughed.

“I like your honesty, Jez, and sure, we can have some dinner on the ferry.”

“Why are you taking the ferry, and not the Tunnel?”

“I prefer it, and the tunnel makes me feel claustrophobic. I don’t like the idea of all that water overhead. So, this nude modelling, is it hardcore stuff?”

“Not at all. It’s very tasteful, arty stuff. No pussy shots.”

He smiled. He found this woman intriguing, and the prospect of a blowjob with a hot looking hitch-hiker was not something that came along every day, assuming, of course, that she made good on her promise. His erection showed no sign of flagging anytime soon. How many miles to that darn truck stop?

“So why haven’t you seen your Dad for five years?”

“Not sure I want to talk about that, Hermes.”

“Okay, fine. We’ll talk about something different.”

He noticed a slight change in her at the mention of her father and was anxious to get things back to a less controversial subject.

“So, what do you like doing, when you aren’t modelling and whatever else you do to earn a living?”

“Same as most people, nights in the pub, the occasional party, plus fucking of course. Someone once told me I was a tramp. You don’t think I am, do you? I just happen to enjoy sex. What’s wrong with that?”

“Absolutely nothing. I’m not a hypocrite. I like sex too, and I don’t believe in the Madonna/whore thing. Women have as much right to sexual fulfilment as men, in my opinion.”

“Good for you, Hermes. How far to that truck stop?”

“Nearly there. About two miles.”

“Good. I need to pee too. Don’t mind if I do that first do you?”

“Do what you need to. I guess I will have to put little Hermes away for a trip to the john too.”

“That’s a shame. I kind of liked the idea of walking across the truck stop and being the envy of every woman we pass.”

“Unfortunately the obscenity laws would kind of put the damper on that. And besides, I wouldn’t want to give the other drivers an inferiority complex, would I?”

The sign appeared for the stop and soon the truck slowed and came to a stop in a quiet corner, a short distance away from the rest of the trucks. Jez opened the door and sprang down to the ground. She shouted back at him.

“Okay, five minutes tops, Hermes. And no playing with that cock until you get back here.”

With that she turned and set off at a brisk pace towards the building, followed swiftly by Hermes, having tucked Hermes Junior back into his pants with some difficulty. If Jez made a run for it now, without fulfilling her promise, he faced an uncomfortable ride to the ferry.

By the time he returned to the rig, she was waiting by the locked door, and checking her watch.

“Four and a half minutes, Hermes. You cut it a bit fine. I was about to start looking for another ride.”

He didn’t tell her that he had taken the opportunity to give his cock a bit of a wash in the john. Driving for long distances made him a bit sweaty down there and he didn’t want to see her screw up her nose when she got a whiff of him.

His cock had subsided a little from earlier, but he was confident that Jez would soon have him up and running again.

“Sit in the passenger seat, Hermes. I don’t want to keep banging the back of my head on the steering wheel as I bob up and down.”

“Sounds like you have done this before.”

“No names, no pack drill, Hermes. I don’t kiss and tell.”

He climbed into the passenger seat, and began to close the curtains that went around the inside of the cab front, and gave some privacy from spying eyes, but she stopped him.

“Leave them. All anyone’s going to see is the soporific look on your face, and maybe the top of my head. Let’s make them jealous.”

“So, I can add exhibitionist to your list of qualities, can I?”

“Let’s just say, if you’ve got it why not flaunt it? We are not going to stay young, beautiful and sexy forever, are we?”

Jez climbed over him and settled herself in the foot well, between his legs, and Hermes began to unfasten his zip.

“Allow me.”

She reached up and swiftly had his now rock hard cock free from its constraints.

“Now there’s a beautiful sight, Hermes. Just begging to be sucked.”

He groaned, unable to speak and desperately hoping that the show wouldn’t be over before it even got started. He even wondered if he should try and work out the square root of certain numbers in order to distract himself for a moment.

Jez gave his cock a lick from the bottom to the top, before skimming her tongue around the tip, and his cock grew in size still more. Jez paused from her task and muttered, “How the hell am I going to get all this down my throat, let alone breathe at the same time. I hope you are good at mouth to mouth resuscitation, Hermes,” before opening wide and taking his cock into her mouth.

Hermes had had a few good blowjobs in his time, but this girl was in a league of her own. She sucked and licked as though she was competing for Olympic Gold, while at the same time her fingers ran over his balls and perineum, touching, stroking and massaging until his senses were so overloaded he had completely forgotten who he was and even his mother’s name. Fuck, stop that. He tried desperately to cast the image of his mother from his brain. She was the last person he wanted in his head right now. He was helped in this by the fact that Jez was simultaneously unfastening the buttons on her shirt, while still holding his cock in her mouth. He opened his eyes and looked down at the most perfect pair of tits he had ever seen.

“I thought these would wake you up, Hermes. Cop a feel while I finish you off.”

“You have such a way with words, Jez.”

Nevertheless he reached out and was just able to take one in each hand. The game was lost now. No way could he hold out with these babies in his hands. He shot his load and it seemed to go on forever, and all he could say, over and over, was “Fuck…fuck…fuck” while his cum shot down Jez’s throat. She swallowed all he had to give, and finished by licking around his now diminishing cock, before resting her arms on his thighs and looking up at him.

“Well, was it worth waiting for?”

“Are you fishing for compliments? You know damn fine it was. You sure know how to use that mouth of yours for something other than talking, Jez.”

“So, are you going to return the favour?”

He looked at his watch.

“There’s nothing I would like more, but I am getting dangerously close to sailing time. Are you okay to wait a while until we are on board, Jez? There will be time then.”

She pouted.

“I guess so, but you don’t mind if I play with myself a little in the meantime?”

“Be my guest.”

He shuffled out from beneath her, and over to the driver’s seat, fastening himself up as he did so. When he turned to look, Jez had removed her jeans and panties and had her feet propped up against the dashboard. Fuck, were there no limits for this woman? He looked around to see if anyone was watching and turned the ignition to start the engine, and pulled out on to the road again.

“You planning to have your pussy on display all the way to Dover?”

“No Hermes, it won’t take me long to get off. You concentrate on the driving. I don’t want to end up in a ditch.”

He couldn’t resist glancing at her from time to time, her eyes closed and a look of pure pleasure on her face, until, after a few minutes, she groaned and her feet dropped to the floor.

“Feeling better?”


He looked forward to reaching Dover and getting on board the ferry, where he would have the chance of a couple of hours break from driving. Then he could get this sexy little minx on to the bed in the back of the cab, and really show her what he could do with his dick.

(To be continued in Part 2 of the continued hitch hiking travels of Jezebel.)

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