June 19, 2015

As a writer, as in other spheres of life, one of the more painful lessons is to learn that you cannot please every reader all the time. In fact it would seem that having a tough hide is almost a prerequisite of publishing a book.


I was looking at a book on Amazon Kindle earlier and checking out some of the reviews given by readers.  It was striking how diametrically opposite some of them were.  There were a large number (some 900+) who gave the book 5 stars and waxed lyrical about it as being the best book they had read this year, for instance.  Yet there were a significant minority who only gave it one star and said that the book was trul...

June 12, 2015

The life of a writer is by its nature a solitary one.  We sit at our computer (or notepad - if there are any authors out there who still write longhand) and put our thoughts onto the blank page and bare our souls, never sure if anyone will be inspired by what we write - or even read what we write.  Some of the events or people of whom we write are autobiographical, and writing about them dredges up people and places that make us remember with fondness, or remember with sadness.  So, we bare our souls and wonder if there is actually anyone out there who reads the words we type in the solitary existence we inhabit.


In this age...

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