November 1, 2016

I wanted you from the first moment I saw you – in the launderette of all places. You were bending over to put your clothes in the dryer. Such a lovely arse, I thought. Covered by faded denim, as the best arses often are. I wanted to touch it. To run my hand over it and up your muscular back, now exposed at the waistline as you bent over. Of course I shouldn’t be objectifying a man like this. Not after women have spent centuries trying to escape the staring eyes of men. But I couldn’t help it. The sight of you was electrifying.

You straightened up and looked in my direction. Maybe you had sensed my look. I tried to look away but my eyes woul...

March 5, 2016



New York, 2012


I stood still as a beautiful vision walked towards me. Seeing her almost took my breath away and I gazed in awe as people in the hotel lobby parted to let her pass. Both men and women looked at her admiringly, and it was easy to see why. The woman gliding towards me was wearing a figure-hugging, glistening red, full-length gown that clung to her perfect body. Her thick, chestnut hair was swept into an elegant chignon, below which she wore sparkling diamond earrings. She looked like any man's dream date, and she was walking towards me!

She looked straight at me and smiled such a radiant smile that would have unfrozen even th...

October 2, 2015


(Warning: Unsuitable for under 18s.  Explicit language and Sex. Don't read if it offends.  If you have missed Part 1 of this story, it is on the same page as this post, just beneath it.)


When they arrived at the ferry terminal, and had to show their passports, Jezebel deliberately avoided looking at Hermes’ document, and refused to show him hers.

“I don’t care what your real name is Hermes, and you shouldn’t care about mine.  It’s only a label hung around our necks by our parents when we are born.  We can call ourselves what the hell we like.  In fact, when we part in Paris, I will change my name for my next lift.”


September 25, 2015

(This story is not suitable for under 18s)


The heat of the city had been intense and he was relieved to be back in his hotel room, even if the only cooling method available to him was an antiquated fan spinning slowly from the ceiling.  He would not have swapped his room for one in a luxury five star hotel, with air conditioning, however, for this one had character and style, with its arches and elaborate decoration and an inner courtyard in which a fountain sprayed water two feet into the air, which was full of the smell of spices, and heady eastern perfume.


He loved this part of the Middle East, with its unique mixture of old and new rub...

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