October 10, 2015

(Not suitable for under 18s)


I must be stark, staring crazy, thought Hermes to himself as he stepped off the plane from London at Nice Airport, and headed for the car hire desk.  I take time off from my job, jump on the first plane and head off after a brief call from a crazy hitch hiking kid, just because she gives gold-plated, grade A fucks and looks as beautiful as anyone I have ever met.  Well, when he put it like that…

Thank goodness for smart phones and GPS technology.  At least he had been able to track her whereabouts, provided she had not moved on from there.  He had no idea what he would find when he reached that place.  Woul...

October 9, 2015


As Hermes was driving his rig on board the ferry at Calais, some miles away, Jez was speeding south, but this time she was in a car with a middle-aged woman.  Women, especially well-dressed and seemingly wealthy women, rarely offered her lifts, and Jez hesitated at first, as the Daimler slowed and stopped, just ten minutes after Hermes had left her.  She much preferred travelling with men, perhaps for obvious reasons, but also because she was more comfortable with men than women.  She could relax and have a laugh. 

The woman spoke English, but with a strong French accent.

“Where are you going?”

“Nowhere special.  Just followin...

October 2, 2015


(Warning: Unsuitable for under 18s.  Explicit language and Sex. Don't read if it offends.  If you have missed Part 1 of this story, it is on the same page as this post, just beneath it.)


When they arrived at the ferry terminal, and had to show their passports, Jezebel deliberately avoided looking at Hermes’ document, and refused to show him hers.

“I don’t care what your real name is Hermes, and you shouldn’t care about mine.  It’s only a label hung around our necks by our parents when we are born.  We can call ourselves what the hell we like.  In fact, when we part in Paris, I will change my name for my next lift.”


September 28, 2015

(This post is unsuitable for under 18s)



The truck screeched to a halt a few yards down the road, and the young woman picked up her backpack and sprinted for the door before the driver changed his mind.  It wasn’t as easy to get rides, as it had been in the past.  Drivers were as scared of picking up hitchhikers now, as the other way round; any false claims of rape would be devastating to him causing the loss of his job and possible loss of liberty too, if he couldn’t convince a court that the sex was consensual, so many drivers no longer took the risk.

This driver did not care, however.  The woman now sprinting to catch him up was gor...

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