September 25, 2015

(This story is not suitable for under 18s)


The heat of the city had been intense and he was relieved to be back in his hotel room, even if the only cooling method available to him was an antiquated fan spinning slowly from the ceiling.  He would not have swapped his room for one in a luxury five star hotel, with air conditioning, however, for this one had character and style, with its arches and elaborate decoration and an inner courtyard in which a fountain sprayed water two feet into the air, which was full of the smell of spices, and heady eastern perfume.


He loved this part of the Middle East, with its unique mixture of old and new rub...

August 30, 2015

(Not suitable for people under 18 years, so if you are in that group, please find something else to read.)


Perhaps I should not have had that last glass of wine, which released my inhibitions and prompted me to get up and dance, or rather sway, to the music; for my legs were less than steady and I was a little past the stage when I could dance without falling over and making a fool of myself.  The fact that the music was one of my favourite songs was the deciding factors and my hips began to move suggestively as I closed my eyes, ignoring the people dancing around me. 

A pair of arms come around my waist from behind and a masculine bod...

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