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What a year!

September 28, 2019



Sorry I've been 'away' from my blog for so long! It's been a heck of a year. (No, not the cancer returning. I feel I've got that licked now!). This photograph is of my Dad, taken during an unusually sunny February this year, when we were able to sit outside and have lunch - normally unheard of at that time of year. I was so glad, because a month later, my dear Dad died - a combination of dementia, a broken leg from a fall, and pneumonia. Mercifully, his end was fairly swift and painless, and I was able to be with him every step of the way. He died, holding my hand, and I consider that a blessing. I loved him so much, and miss him a great deal, but he is now at peace, and I am grateful for that.


He would have been mortified, however, to have learned that he died on the day my last book, Nothing to Regret, was published. I didn't care about the book. He was much more important. There would be other books, but I only had the one Dad. However, the book wasn't promoted widely, and wasn't helped by the fact that Amazon appeared to have wrongly classified it as bdsm, when it was not, so without the link, it remained hidden.


I have now written the follow-on, Sabine, and am in the process of finishing it ready for a launch in late October. Although it follows on from the first book, both books can be read as standalone, although I think people will enjoy reading the first book to learn much more about Sabine's earlier life. For that reason, therefore, I am relaunching Nothing to Regret at the SPECIAL SALE PRICE of 99c, until the next book appears. So I hope people who haven't read it will take this opportunity to obtain a copy.



Here is the blurb and buy link:



He taught her the ways of love, but didn’t know how to love.


Beatrice, fresh from university, is determined to become a writer, but her sheltered  life in 1950s England, as a vicar’s daughter, ill-equips her emotionally to become one. She decides, just ten years after a major world war has ravaged Europe, to travel alone around the continent, to not only discover a life outside her protected bubble, but to discover herself.


Arriving in France in 1955, she meets Sabine, a beautiful, older French woman and her lover, Charles, an Englishman, a French resident for many years. Both Charles and Sabine are captivated by the beautiful, but naïve and sexually innocent English girl, and Beatrice is willingly drawn into a three-way steamy love affair with the two. 


But Charles, although charismatic, is sometimes moody and melancholic—a relic from his dysfunctional childhood. He falls desperately in love with Beatrice—with tempestuous results. When all seems lost, and Beatrice is in despair, help reaches her from an unexpected source. Will another man, waiting in the wings, help her to pick up the pieces of her fractured life?


This steamy love affair has an emotional centre that will tug at your heart—and other parts too, as Beatrice travels from innocence to maturity in just a few, short months. But will she achieve her dream of becoming a writer? Or will she return home with a damaged heart?


Universal Link:  https://bookgoodies.com/a/B07PGJM4NV


See what readers have said about the book:


"Rachel has done a fantastic job of telling the story of a young womans sexual awakening and coming of age in the middle of the twentieth century. The story draws you in and takes you along for her journey into womanhood. A great heartfelt story from beginning to end. Do not pass this book up! It is an absolutely wonderful read!


This book has it all! Love. Friendship. A love triangle. Eroticism. Romance. Heartbreak. Art. Paris. Italy. And a twist you won't see coming!"



"I adored each word as I strolled with Beatrice through her journey of self-discovery and sexual awakening in the most beautiful and well-crafted prose. I could envision each setting and nuance de Vine painted in her words. The writing is clean and wonderfully crafted for the senses. And the character development is so rich. I grew to know and understand each of the characters, even in this first-person narrative. Sabine's tenderness; Charles rough edges; and Henri's acceptance all come together with such vision and satisfaction for the reader.

It's clear that de Vine takes her time building her story-telling craft, settings, and characters until I found myself crying at the end. For sadness or joy or both, you will have to read to find out."






In a couple of weeks time, I will be publicising my new book SABINE. I'm sure you will love it. I've already had the ringing endorsements of my beta readers!  Watch this space.


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